Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Week 3

I had a great week. I lost 1.1 kgs taking the total to 2.6.

I have been making good choices and it has paid off. I still find my worst time is around 8pm. I'm sure it is habbit but I am always looking for sweet things to eat. I have been having the stick ice blocks which are only 1/2 point each and that seems to do the trick. Mind you some nights I have about 4!!!!

I'm looking forward to the Australia Day long weekend this weekend. We are catching up with friends for a bbq on Sunday. We have some friends coming over from Melbourne that I haven't seen in ages. I did a contiki tour of America 15+ years ago and met some unreal people. Tony is from Melbourne and we have kept in touch ever since. We have been to each other's weddings and our kids are months apart so it will be unreal to see them again. They got their family of 4 from Melbourne to Adelaide on the new Tiger Air for just over $100 return. How good is that.

Then the kids are back to school next week. I must say the holidays have flown but then again I have been at work while my mum has had the kids for most of the time. I'm looking forward to them going back to school but I'm not looking forward to everything starting again. This is definitely Nikki's last netball season for a while. She's been playing for 5 years and I have been coaching for 3 so it's time for a break. Ashleigh will still do dancing but I think Nikki wants to play soccer this year. So that will be both Nikki and Jarryd doing soccer this year.

We had a scary day on Friday. I was at work and around 2pm the heavens opened and down came the heaviest rain I have ever seen. I wish I had the camera. The road outside work was under water and it came into my boss's office. So there were 4 of us empying buckets and mopping up the water so it wouldn't spread. It went as quickly as it came but left a big mess. Our phone system was destroyed by lightning. Two people were on the phone at the time when the phones died so they were very lucky. It was amazing watching all the semi trailers going through the water. Incredibly it only hit our area. I live 20 mins away and we didn't get a drop.

I have booked a surprise for Steve on the 9th February weekend. We are going somewhere but I can't say where in case he reads this. I can't wait. It's going to be a wonderful, relaxing weekend away without the kids.

Have a great week everyone.


Jenny said...

Well done on the loss Tina. I find evenings the hardest too. Do you like diet jelly, you can add low fat yoghurt and some fruit, and it gets quite filling. Keep up the good work. I haven't gome into 'diet'mode yet, just being much more sensible than over Christmas.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Chris H said...

OOOO I love storms, thought we were getting one yesterday, but alas we only got wind. A weekend away with no kids, now that is what I call HEAVEN! Enjoy!

Tania said...

Congrats on another great loss! You're doing great. Can you believe January is nearly over? - See it's not that long before we get to catch up.

I know what you mean about last Friday - Michael rang me to tell me to drive carefully when I got this side of town - I had just picked Lachlan up from mums and thought he was mad because there was no sign of a storm out there but I got a shock when I got closer to home - sounds like you were all really lucky.

Will email you about next Saturday!

AM said...

I've been on a Contiki tour! Good times. Mine was all over Italy. That will be so much fun catching up with your friends!