Saturday, February 02, 2008

Week 4

Not such a good week. Seems to happen every 4 weeks. I can't control the sweet things. Nothing else will do. I put on 400g :(
Oh well, onward...............
Kids are back at school and things are back into routine. Funny though, the girls set their alarms for 6.30am on Tuesday and were up and dressed before I got up. By Friday, I was dragging them all out of bed again.
I love the photo of Nikki lying in her towel after a swim. She was so tired after a day in the pool. The girls did the paintings over the christmas break. They were given a picture to colour with real art paints and they turned out really well.
I have been looking in the paper and on ebay for a cheap lounge for the family room. Steve sits out there and watches TV in an old deck chair. I would love a leather lounge but it would have to be in either cream, green or beige to match the colours. There were heaps in yesterdays paper under $500, so we might have some to look at this weekend.
I went to the hairdresser this morning to have my hair streaked (foils). It was September last year when I had them done last so it was long overdue. I found out my hairdresser of 13 years has sold the salon and as she is pregnant with her 3rd child, she's going to be a stay at home mum with 3 under 3. I have had my hair cut by the other girls in the salon but I am never as happy with it.
I was then catching up with a fellow blogger Tania for lunch at the beach but she came down with gastro. I hope you are feeling better soon Tania.
I'm also thinking about another blogger Kate who could be having her 2nd baby any day. I'm very exited for you. I hope you have a wonderful birth experience.
Here's hoping for a good loss this week.
Have a great weekend.
Edit.. I've noticed that whenever I post photos, it doesn't show the breaks between the lines and when I don't post photos it's well spaced.


Chris H said...

It must be nice having the kids back at school, mine go back this monday.... thank god! I've no idea why your photos stuff up your line spacing sorry! Hope your weekend is going well.

Tania said...

Sorry I had to cancel lunch Tina - will email you with some alternative dates!

Good luck with the lounge shopping, hope you find something quickly.

Lol @ the girls setting their alarms on Tuesday and having to be dragged out of bed by Friday - did the enthusiasm wear off that quickly? Oh the things I have to look forward to!

As to the gain - it's a small gain and I know you'll be back with another loss next week!

Jenny said...

I read this the other day, and then went to check out your page breaks issue, because I read your blog via my blog reader, and then I forgot to comment lol.....

Isn't it nice having the kids back at school, just a pity that everything else gets so busy too.

I can't figure out your blogger problem......your blog looks fine though.

Chris H said...

I'm over my hissy fit, DIET COKE ROCKS is back.