Monday, February 18, 2008

Weeks 5 - 7

How did I miss 2 weeks?? Just slack I guess.

I have done a great job of maintaining for the last 2 weeks. No actually I lost .1!! Total is 2.1 kgs for the year. Not too good!! 2.1 kgs in 7 weeks. Lack of exercise is definitely to blame. I have no motivation to exercise. How do you motivate yourself to exercise. I can't afford a gym. We are overstretched now, so my only real option is to walk. So why don't I???

I am determined to post a loss next week.

Steve and I had a great weekend in Sydney. There were a few people I would have loved to have caught up with but because we were only there for about 30 hours, I really wanted to spend all that time with Steve. And we had fantastic quality time. We got in around 8.30am and I didn't think our room would be ready but it was. So we decided to go for a walk. It was very overcast and had been raining all week but it wasn't cold. I should have thought to pack umbrellas. We ended up buying a couple of cheapies because it started to bucket down. It was nice walking around in the light drizzle but it got a bit too heavy to walk around without umbrellas. We were staying by the Rocks area and circular quay so it was really nice to walk around those areas. There was a huge cruise ship in. I'll post a couple of photos next post. We got on the monorail and had lunch at Darling Harbour.

We got an unreal deal with the hotel. We got the room, seafood buffet for 2 on Saturday night and breakfast the next morning for $250. Very nice and something I intend to do more often.

It's heated up here again in Adelaide. I wish we could have some of the east coast rain. It's so dry here. I can't remember the last time we had a good downpour. Well we did when work flooded a few weeks ago but that was so isolated it only rained in one tiny part of Adelaide. Today was 39 with no airconditioning at work. Yahoo, it decided to pack it in last Friday and it was just horrible today. I couldn't wait to get out of the place. 36 again tomorrow and then maybe rain on Wednesday. Yer right!!!

Saturday night we went to a chinese banquet with the dragon dance show for chinese new year. It was a great night but of course I ate too much fried food. When the dragon came out, they started playing a very loud drum and Jarryd came and jumped on my lap saying 'the drums were hurting his tummy' He was so scared he barely look at the lion. He's still my baby.

Then yesterday, the kids and I caught up with fellow blogger Tania and her nearly 2 year old Lachlan. We went to a play cafe and the kids had a ball. It was nice to have a day away from the playstation and nintendos. It was great to catch up over a couple of coffees while the kids were entertained.

The Biggest Loser was very interesting last night. I know they all lost so much weight in the 1st week, but from experience you never do as well the 2nd week. They were all so disappointed with there 2-4 kgs losses. Hello, I would love a loss like that every week. And why don't they show what they eat instead on concentrating totally on the training???

It still gets me in though!!! I'm a reality junkie.

Have a great week. I promise not to leave it so long next time.


Chris H said...

How lovely to have a weekend away with your hubby! Neat. And well done on maintaining ... even a wee loss!!! I love the Biggest Loser too, who doesn't? We are getting an American Season here right now, don't know what one you are getting.

Tania said...

Oh I hear you about this heat! I can't take much more ... lol.

It was great to catch up with you and the kids on Sunday - it's so cute to watch your kids with Lachlan (especially Nikki), they remind me so much of my nephew and nieces. Maddok's definitely lucky to have such great cousins!

As to Biggest Loser - yep, i'm hooked too but would love to know more about what they eat. I think they all have too many high expectations of themselves. I mean just because you're away from home and this is 100% your focus doesn't mean you're going to lose 5+ kilos week after week - it's just unrealistic.

Jenny said...

I love TBL too, especially as I am back on the WW bandwagon and am losing again. I am exercising, but haven't the funds to join a gym, so I am walking. I walk the kids to school on the mornings I don't walk, today I may even walk and pick them up. It's a hilly walk and the round trip takes me about 35 minutes. Good on your for losing a little bit. Your weekend sounds really nice. It's good to have time just by yourself with dh. Makes the marriage stronger.Hope you upload those photos soon.

Kate said...

where's your melbourne update missy?!!

It was great to catch up with you and thanks heaps for the pressies for caspar the 00 AND 0 fit him already!!

Kate xx

ps... I luuurve tbl too, but you already knew that! ;)

Tania said...

Lol @ the last line of your last post, and I quote

"Have a great week. I promise not to leave it so long next time."

Waiting ... waiting ... waiting ... nah, i'm not very subtle am I? :-)