Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter 2008

Ashleigh has always had long hair and since Nikki had her's cut shorter about 12 months ago she has been pestering me to get hers cut shorter. It can't be too short because she does dancing. But it was definitely time to do something different. After a long, hot summer of swimming in the pool, her hair was definitely in need of a good cut.

So this is the result. It is now layered and I'm thrilled with the result. So is she!!

As you can see the kids did very well from the easter bunny. Apart from one big egg each and a couple of bunnies, he also left lots of little eggs to find in the garden. We went to Steve's mum and dad's for easter and they have a huge backyard so it was great to see the kids running around looking for easter eggs.

Jarryd got a huge lego set for christmas that his pa helped him to start at christmas time. We took it back with us and Steve helped Jarryd finish the submarine. It's funny how you never get time to do these things in normal day to day life.

Nikki and Ashleigh have a tradition every time we have a get together with Steve's side of the family. As soon as we got to Stansbury, the girls were getting everything out to do some baking. Ashleigh made the easter cake and the cup cakes and they both iced and decorated them.

We had a lovely, relaxing easter away. I managed to finish a book I started a few months ago. It was so good just doing nothing.
I put on 1.5 kgs over easter which is very bad. But I'm not worrying about it. It will come off again and I must say I am a bit sick of chocolate - LOL. I did cut back on the kids eggs this year, but they still get chocolate from grandparents. So I've been picking what is around the house.
My mum gave me a good tip. Last year she heard from a friend that you can freeze chocolate. So she got hers at the after easter 1/2 price sales and it was as good as if it was bought yesterday. So today I went to Coles and bought up all next years eggs. And spent $30 instead of $60. Mum has a big upright freezer so I have no problems with storage.
Nikki is at a sleepover party tonight and I have my nephew here for the night. My sister has a quiz night to go to and being a single mum it will be great for her to get out and have a night without Maddok.
Speaking of my sister. She was trying to put an ikea steel bunk bed together by herself last weekend and dropped it on her foot and has 2 broken toes and a very black foot. They haven't put it in plaster but she is hobbling around and won't be able to work for a while. She is too independent for her own good. I hope it has taught her to ask for help!!
Well I had better go and get tea ready for these hungry kids. Have a great week everyone.


Tania said...

Hey Tina - love the pictures, Ashleigh's hair looks fabulous!

Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing Christmas. As to the extra kilos, I know that feeling only too well - Michael "forced" me to buy some half price chocolate while shopping yesterday, only thing is he's eating it now ... lol ... I swear next year i'm buying him hardly anything before Easter and he can wait until it's half price.

Hope you had a great night with Maddok and hope Kristen's foot is better soon. Look forward to seeing you on the 19th.

Chris H said...

Love the photos! Ashleighs hair look great... Easter Eggs... had none....

Jenny said...

Wow, two posts so close together, thanks for the update. You sound like you had a great Easter too. When are your kids on school holidays? We have another week at the end of this week, which will be nice.

Your daughter's hair looks lovely. Layered is always nice and flattering.

I buy my eggs gradually before Easter, and only ever spent $30, so that's okay. You will have to report next year on how the frozen eggs go.