Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello, Is there anyone there???

Flowers from Steve for my birthday. A lovely surprise.
This is Nikki's latest pet. How gross are they. She has inherited 4 stick insects from school. When I said she could have them, I imagined them to be about 2" long like you find in the garden. I nearly had a heart attack when she brought them home!!!

I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't be bothered reading this blog. I really don't have the inclination to post most of the time. I really enjoy reading and commenting on other people's blogs but it's a chore to update my own. I have thought about stopping blogging altogether but I really don't want to stop completely. So for the moment, I will see how I go even posting monthly. Most people have google reader so please leave a comment if you are reading so I know there is someone out there.

So what's been happening???

Kids are just finishing school holidays. My mum has been a godsend as usual. They have been with her every day. She has taken them to the pictures, the park, the school playground across the road from her house and luckily with some help from my sister, they have survived the 2 weeks.

Football season has started again and Nikki and I have Port Power membership this year. They have had a shocking start but we are really enjoying going together just us. A couple of weeks ago, I was luck enough to get into a corporate box with some of the people from work. I had far too much to drink and was very sick when I got home. Bad me. Nikki was disgusted with me and told me she was never going to drink like me. I will remind her of that in a few years time - LOL!!

The weather has been unreal for the last couple of weeks. After our disgusting heatwave in March, April has been so good. Perfect low to mid 20's every day. The kids have been really lucky with the weather for the holidays. We have spent a lot of time outdoors on the weekends, making the most of it before winter starts.

My sister has been through a very rough patch again which has been just horrible for us all. Long story short, she has finally taken out a restraining order out on her ex partner after he kicked in her roller door and broke into 3 out of 4 locks to get to her in his drugged out state. His 4 year old son was screaming in fear and she had no option but to call the police. Something she hasn't done in nearly 20 years of physical and verbal abuse. Thank god she has finally got some support and help from domestic violence and the police. They are both getting counselling at last. It's been a very long and tough road for her and unfortunately I don't think she will ever be free of him.

It's my birthday tomorrow so we are all having a lovely family lunch together and on Saturday, 3 of my friends are taking me out for lunch at McLaren Vale which is south of Adelaide. It will be great to catch up with them.

I had a lovely surprise when I walked into work today. There on my desk was the hugest bunch of flowers from my darling husband sent for my birthday. It brightened my whole day.
Have a great long weekend everyone.


Kate said...

*Hand up* I'm reading!

What a nice thing of Steve to do... stef is hopeless with flowers and the like!

Those stick insects are HUGE! Did you see Katey's wetas? They kinda look the same, don't they?

Don't worry about when you blog, just do it whenever you feel like it :) That's what I do!

What a big help your mum has been with the school hols... sounds like the kids had a ball!

PMSL @ drunken disorderly tina at the footy!

I'm so glad your sister has said enough is enough. Poor thing and the poor lil boy, makes my heart break :( Surely she can see she's better off without him???

Time for bed now, but it's your birthday in 15mins, so have a great day!!

Kate xx

jill said...

Hi tina those flowers are lovely. i am dreading the day my girls want any kind of pet, I am so not into animals, rodents or insects for that matter.


Hope you have a lovely day. take care Jill

Tania said...

YAY an update ... lol ... and here I was coming in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, imagine how surprised I was to see an update - especially after our chat last weekend! Of course i've yet to update again ... lol

What a lovely surprise from Steve - but of course very well deserved. Hope you and the girls have a fabulous lunch out tomorrow.

Was great catching up with you all last weekend - might have to schedule another date soon before life becomes too hectic.

Hope those gorgeous kids of yours spoilt their mum on her special day! :-)

AM said...

hAve a terrific wonderful birthday!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday dear Tina. What a lovely surprise - nothing like getting flowers, especially when they are delivered to work! Hope you have a really lovely day.

Tina, one of the best things about a blog, is that it doesn't go away, or expire or anything like that. I blog when I have the time, or when I feel like it. It never becomes onerous and like you said if your readers use a blog reader, they will know when you have updated without checking back all the time.

Hope you are well.

Chris H said...

A very belated Happy Birthday chick! Those stick insects are gross! We don't get those ones here.

Miss Beck said...

*is reading too*

Happy Birthday fellow Taurus!

I laughed when I read about your night at the corporate footy box.

Ewwww @ the insect.

I agree, blogging really is a chore some days. Just blog when you want. Google reader will tell us.

Chris H said...

Tina: in answer to your question... yes we were going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, but only for a few weeks. The primary reason for not going now though is our son Steve.. who is very unwell and needs me .. not that he will admit it! He faints at least 6 times a day, cannot hold down his job and is in danger of going under financially as well due to debts... I am trying to get him to move back home so I can help him.. and feed him up and be there when he faints to make sure he is alright. so there ya go!

Ralda James said...

Nice flowers!

Please continue the blog, it is good to read,I don't comment all the time but I will if you want me too? I am very good at comments lol!

Tell Nicki we can't wait to see the "stick"

talk soon..