Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Still Here!!

We went to the Royal Adelaide show yesterday and it was an unreal day. It was a beautiful, warm September day and we all were exhausted by the time we got home.

If you look at the photo of the swing ride, you can just see the girls to the right of the photo. They were screaming the whole ride.

We stayed for the fireworks and saw some shows like the motorbike stunt riders. Unbelievable!!!

Ashleigh and her 2 best friends all in different teams. These 3 have been best friends since reception.

We've also had the kids sports day last week. You can just see Jarryd at the end of the tunnelball waiting for the ball.

So, I can't believe it's been a month since I have updated. So much has happened.

In my last update, I showed a picture of Ashleigh's budgie's egg. Well since then, she laid 3 more and in the last week 2 baby budgies have hatched. We were amazed. Here I was telling Ashleigh that they might not hatch because it's the 1st eggs she has laid and trying to prepare here for the disappointment and now we have 2 babies. I haven't been able to take a photo yet. Mummy bird is very protective. They are tiny and have no feathers so very ugly really.

Ashleigh had a dancing competition about 3 weeks ago and they came 3rd. A bit disappointing but they really weren't up to standard and probably shouldn't have entered but it was all good practice. Just a pain all the preparation beforehand. Like sequinning!!!!

Jarryd was invited to 3 parties that weekend so it was a crazy time.

We went to the best party the weekend after that. Friends of ours turned 40 within a couple of weeks of each other so they booked out the balcony of a local pub and put drinks on the bar. I decided to drive but my darling husband got so drunk, I don't know how he was still standing at the end of the night which was around 5am!! We ended up back at a mates house who had a very well stocked bar. It was fun staying sober and watching all the crazy drunks around me. There were about 100 helium balloons and we were taking some home for the kids. Steve had so many wrapt around his hand while he was dancing they got tangled up and he couldn't get them off. I am waiting for a friend to email me a photo of him walking down the street with so many balloons attatched. It was hillarious. And then of course, the inevitable happened.

Sucking the helium balloons!!

Probably why he was so sick the next day. Hahaha - Suffer baby!!!

The next day, I left him at home and took the girls to meet a blogger friend Tania for coffee and cake. Tania was then 38 weeks pregnant and has since given birth to her little girl Mikayla.
Congratulations Tania, Michael and Lachlan. I can't wait to see you all and have a cuddle of your precious bundle.

The following week which was the beginning of last week, I got a call from the school to say Nikki was in the sick room. She had been having a couple of dizzy spells and headaches for about a week so it was time to see the local GP. She examined her for quite a while and was listening to her heart for ages and then told us she was concerned about an irregular heartbeat. OMG did that freak me out thinking all the worse things like I always do. She started writing a letter for the Childrens Hospital and told us to go straight up there which freaked me out even more. Steve was away for the whole week working in Mildura so I dropped the other 2 at mums and headed up to the hospital. Well after a 4 hour wait and lots of prodding and probing and testing like an ECG, reflex testing and neurological testing, the doctor ruled out anything nasty

So they have put it down to a virus and pre teenage hormones. We have put her on some multi vitamins and watched her diet and she has been fine. No dizzy spells in over a week now.

Last weekend Steve and I went to Melbourne and left the kids with Steve's parents in Stansbury. It was a lovely, relaxing few days although Jetstar were absolutely terrible. Firstly we had a 2 hour delay in Adelaide and we didn't get to our hotel until 8pm Saturday night. Then our 9pm flight home got changed to 6am!! Huge difference. So we had to stay in a hotel near the airport the night before because the 6am flight is the only one that goes from Melbourne to Adelaide each day now. We were up at 4.30am. Then we had to drive 2 hours there and 2 hours back to get the kids from Steve's parents. An exhausting day!!

But we did get to have some quality time together in Melbourne. We went to see 'In Bruge' at the Crown Casino cinemas at gold class which was unreal. Then spent a couple of days with my bestest friend Lee. Always goes too quick. I had last week off work and it has flown. I am hating that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

This is the last week for school netball and soccer so that will free up our Saturday mornings and a couple of nights during the week. I can't believe that we are nearly at the end of Term 3. Where has this year gone??

Have a great week bloggers.


Chris H said...

My you have been busy.. busy is GOOD though! Sad you have to go back to work....

Tania said...

YAY another update :-) OMG @ Nikki, I can only imagine how worried you must have been - so glad to hear that she's ok!

You have been a busy girl - I don't know how you fit it in, must be that "supermum" quality you have!

Hope you guys had a great time at the show! I so wanted to go once Mikayla arrived early but thought better of it, probably just as well given the bugs that have been hanging around our house.

Look forward to catching up soon.

Chris H said...

I JUST posted an outside photo! More will follow...maybe tomorrow if it's fine.

Chris H said...

Hi Tina, in answer to your question: the plants in the garden are called "buggered if I know" ! I am NO gardener, I know what some flowers and plants are called, but not many! As to how much I've gotten done... well it's cos I hate a mess, so just get on with it till it's done! And I love being busy. simple!