Monday, September 22, 2008

Beach Photos

It was such a perfect day yesterday so a friend and I met at a local beach kiosk for a coffee. It is a beautiful setting and you can watch the kids easily from the verandah of the kiosk.

It wasn't long before they wanted to go to the beach and of course we didn't have any towels.

When we left I had 3 children with wet and sandy pants so they had to go home in their undies.

Hahaha maybe we'll remember the towels next time.
We do have some sad news to report this week. Ashleigh's 2 baby budgies died. Not sure why but I don't think Sky was feeding them. They were the 1st eggs she hatched so hopefully she will be a better mummy budgie next time. And yes, they are already trying again!!!


Wanna_B_slimmer said...

What size Ninja has your husband got?? I know no-one with a kawasaki so I walked away from the bike shop with no knowledge at all.. I had researched all the other bikes before reviews etc... So jumped into this one blondfolded!!!
Oh and I rememer coming hom from the beach in my undies myself more than once.... and that was only in the last couple of years... haha *joking*

Chris H said...

What beautiful beach photos, and so sad about the baby birds.

Tania said...

oh poor Ashleigh i'm sorry to hear about her birds. The weather was lovely last weekend, we had 2 parties on sunday and couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

Jenny said...

Those spontaneous beach visits when you don't plan to swim are often the most fun for the kids. Looks like a great day Tina.

Hope the new baby budgie survives.