Friday, October 03, 2008

Random Photos

It was Nikki's 12th birthday on Wednesday.

How did that happen?????

We gave her a bike that she is very excited about. It took her a little while to get used to the gears but now she's riding it with confidence. Can't wait for daylight saving to start this weekend so we have more time to walk and ride after I finish work. We had a family lunch on Sunday and I whipped up the big cake - lol!! No, not really, I cheated and bought it.

I am loving this time of the year. Spring is here and our plum tree is full of blossom. Actually I took this photo a few days too late because the blossom has started to blow off, but it looked spectacular when it was in full bloom.

Had to laugh at Jarryd. We were walking out the door for school last week and he lined up his pokemon toys on the lounge, put the pillow under their heads and told them they could watch TV while he was at school. So funny!!
Update on the budgies. Sky has laid another 3 eggs. We're not getting our hopes up, but hopefully she will do better this time and maybe, just maybe we might get a baby budgie that survives this time.
Ashleigh is away on a camping trip with her girl guides group. She left 3 days ago and we pick her up on Sunday, so 5 days in total. I can't believe how much I am missing her. I keep wondering if she is warm enough, if she is getting enough to eat, if she is sleeping ok and many other things a mummy thinks about when her baby is away. It's been raining here quite a lot today so I hope she didn't get too wet. I can't wait to go and pick her up on Sunday.
I'm sure a lot of you have been reading Beckie's blog over the years. Well her last post this week had a huge effect on me. Not just because she has decided not to blog anymore, but because of the reasons why. She wants to devote all her time to her beautiful family and I don't blame her for one second. My baby just turned 12 and I just can't get over how quickly that time has gone. It just seems like yesterday that she was a tiny baby. I am guilty of spending far too much time online. I don't regret that because I have made so many friends through blogging but I realize that I need to spend every moment I can with my family before they are living their own lives.
So now the weather is getting better, I sure have no excuses to get out in it. I am really looking forward to starting to walk again. There is something about winter that just makes me want to hibernate. I turn into a grizzly bear!!
Have a great long weekend.


Chris H said...

I will never feel guilty about my time blogging, it's done when I would normally be asleep, or taking a break from housework etc. You need 'your time' too, life is not all about the others in your life. If I didnt take 'me' time I would go nuts. Me time can be blogging, taking a sauna, shopping etc etc. How I choose to spend my me time is my choice. My family comes first of course, but so do I! Am I not instrumental in my families happiness? Yes, so in order for them to be happy I have to be happy too. Yikes, I'm ranting.... lol. Hope you enjoy the weekend chick.

Tania said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI!!! Hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your celebrations :-)

I agree completely with what you said about Becks post. Hence the reason i'm reading blogs late at night - it made me stop and think too and we have a new rule in this house - computer time is saved for when the kids are in bed! The rest of the time is for family, we even went to the park today, fed the ducks, had a picnic lunch and played on the swings etc :-) I don't remember the last time we did that.

As to the cake I could actually believe you whipped it up - you know i've always admired your ability to juggle everything you do.

Looking forward to catching up with you on the 18th!!!

Jenny said...

Our babies are growing up quickly Tina. In a few years time, our eldest will be all grown up. I am really loving the ages my kids are at the moment. Out of that toddlerhood/small kid stuff and into lovely years - before teenagehood sets in lol......

I echo Chris's thoughts too. When I read Beckie's blog I was sad that she is no longer blogging, and respect her decision. My computer time is my time, it's after I've looked after the house and my family and the kids can play on their toys and I play on mine. Spending time on my computer, is my time, and I really love it. I love spending time with my family too, but I think I love it and am a better mummy for having that time to myself......

It's all about balance.

Nice to see you posting regularly again Tina. Hope you are well. Good luck with getting out with the warmer weather. It doesn't get as cold here, but I tend to hibernate too.

AM said...

That cake looks SO good. And I love that plum tree! Beautiful. Does it really grow plums?