Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 1 Weigh In & Other Stuff

These are Ashleigh's newest babies. Twin budgies who are just starting to come out of the nesting box.

Some photos of the area where we are going to build onto. As you can see, lots of work to do.

Well first week back and I am thrilled to say I lost 4.1 kgs. Goodness knows why I lost that much but I do know I stuck to the points 100% and did some moderate exercise. Nothing crazy, just basic healthy eating and exercising.

It doesn't make much sense though when my good friend Tania who I have started back at weight watchers with, did all the same things as me, has about the same weight to lose and lost 600g. Very disappointing but I know she will bouce back with a big loss this week.

It's been an amazing week in our house. It started last Friday when Steve won a radio competition on Triple M. He won a $5000 home entertainment package which included a 58" 3D plasma TV, a surround stereo system and a cabinet. He picked it up tonight and it is huge. Until we build this new room, it will have to live in the family room which is already cluttered.
Then on Saturday we bought a new car which we picked up tonight. Our poor old car had done 250,000 kms and was very worn out. We were looking for a commodore and found a VZ Calais that we did a good deal on. It is a beautiful car and obviously very well looked after. I was looking at the transfer papers when I got home and realised it used to belong to a beautiful blogger friend of mine, Bec's parents who live in a different state to us. What's the chances of that!!!
We have had some builders in to quote the new room and they have both said to get some plans drawn up and go from there. Our other option is a company coming out tomorrow that specialize in just additions and handle everything from start to finish so we will decide what to do after tomorrow. We have an area to clear which is shown in the photos and a lillypilly tree to remove which is going to be a big job. Steve wants to do it himself which will save us some money. So every weekend I will be filling a green bin. Busy times ahead.
Thanks to everyone for their support and comments on Ashleigh's bullying situation. She is a different child since she made the move nearly 2 weeks ago. It's so nice to see her smiling when I pick her up from school.


Tania said...

I've come to the conclusion that scales are like men - they don't believe in logic ... lol, thanks for thinking of me though mate!

Such exciting times ahead for you - I can't think of another family that deserves such a good win more.

So pleased that everything has settled down for Ashleigh and she's enjoying her new school.

Glenys said...

Fantastic result for you. Well worth walking back through those ww doors. I re-joined ww about the same time as you and on week 2 at the mo. I was at my heaviest weight ever but really feel so happy and in control back at ww. Love it, love the online tracking and the community. Good luck for the weeks ahead. Cheers
Vegout on ww boards.

samantha said...

Congrats on going back to ww to you and Tania, it bworked for both of you before and it has already proven to be off to a great start for you both, I look forward to watching you shrink! lol. I bet you are so excited about the home reno's getting started you guys have definitely made the right decision to upgrade your already beautiful home. And I am so glad to hear that Ashleigh has settled in at the new school with ease, it goes to show that a new start can be the begininning of something so positive for her. Give her a big hug! Love ya's Sam xx