Saturday, July 17, 2010

Helloooo out there!

This is one of the reasons I hate blogging. The photos never go where you want them to. Ashleigh and Jarryd were lucky enough to be picked to be on the ground when the players come through the banner. Well we got the day where it was torrential rain. OMG it was awful. But the kids loved it. Well Jarryd did, Ashleigh spat it and wouldn't even let me take her photo on the ground!!

Took the kids to St Kilda playground on the way to Kadina to Steve's parents. They have been away all week :( I have really missed them but it is soooo good not to cook every night. And the house is the tidiest it's ever been with all my decluttering and no kids!! Must take some photos.

Ashleigh and one of her bestest friends. One who sticks up for her and one she will really miss.

Well I bet some of you are shocked to see a post. I got really bored with blogger. There are so many outlets out in cyberpace to find friends. I have found the most amazing people through my weight loss journey. But I find most of my friends are on facebook so it's easier to update things there.
As with most journeys, we can go off the rails. I have. AGAIN!! I have gained 10 kgs (well probably more. I will find out Tuesday.

Lots going on in the Lehmann house. First we decided we needed more room. Then we thought we might buy a bigger house with smaller land. But after working out the costs of changing over, our wonderful state government would get around $30,000 and the real estate agent would get $5,000 + comission. We have a 900 square meter block so the obvious choice in the end is to build on another family area and give Nikki the lounge. Then all the bedrooms are at the front of the house and 2 family areas at the back overlooking the pool. I do love our house but we are going to be stretched in the beginning with the extra mortgage. Well you can't take it with you, can ya!! So we are borrowing enough to rennovate the kitchen, build the extra room and buy a car. Ours is going to stop some time soon and never start again - LOL!! Lucky I have a mechanic for a hubby. I knew there was a reason I've kept him around.
We have also been dealing with the trauma of bullying. Ashleigh's so called best friend of 6 years has got other girls to do her dirty work because she has decided she doesn't like Ashleigh any more. We have finally figured out that the bullying for the last 2 years has been her doing because she hasn't got the guts to tell Ashleigh herself she doesn't want her hanging around.

I have never met such a horrible 12 year old. I have asked her so many times to tell Ashleigh if she is doing something wrong but she always says she wants to be Ashleigh's friend and she knows she should stick up for her. WRONG............ She has been behind it for 2 years. Getting other girls to be mean so she won't hang around her. One girl has been coming up to her for the last 6 months and telling her to go away and stop following the group. Ashleigh has other friends in this group of girls so that's why she wants to hang around.
So very long story, short she is starting a new school on Monday. It's the R-12 school where Nikki goes to high school. They will both be in middle school. Ashleigh year 6 and Nikki year 8.

Huge relief to everyone. My question through all this is how can a child who has been friends with someone for 6 years be so mean and manipulative!! All the while showing her other face and pleading her innocese in all of this.
Nikki has been in Year 8 for 2 terms and is loving it. She got straight A's term 2 and term 1 straight A's except for PE. She has her first boyfriend and a great group of friends. I feel confident going into the teenage years to say I am loving who she is turning into. Hope I can say that in a few years time - LOL!!
Jarryd is in Year 4. He has a best friend who is now part of this family. He is here most weekends. We were clearing up after dinner the other night and I asked the kids to clear the table. Cody helped and Jarryd told him not to because he was a guest. I told him to keep going because he's more than a guest now. He is playing school soccer in a really nice team and loving it. He has asked to play club soccer but it is soooo expensive and I just can't find any more $$
especially with the rennovations.

Steve is Steve!!!! Still the most unromantic people I have ever met. Still grumpy but a great provider and father. And I do love him after nearly 16 years. Lots can't say that.

So I plan (not promise) to update my blog more often. Weight loss progress, house rennovations and life in general. I can't believe how my kids grew up so very fast. I still have control but there is a day looming sometime very soon, that I won't have that control and that scares me. I look at my online friends like Corin who is pregnant with her 3rd bubba with envy because I want to go back there. I am so happy for her but I miss my babies. Treasure every moment because once they start school life gets busier than ever before and it's goes by in a blink.

Please say hello if you have popped in. That is probably another reason I don't update as often as I have is because I probably don't have many readers anyway so why bother!! But I love looking back on the photos and different stages of the Lehmann world.


Kathiej said...

so great that you are back
Cant wait to see all the progess
house and you...maybe they will both be finished at the same time :-)

JustJo said...

Yay - I love catching up on your life! Sounds like moving schools is the best thing for your girl... bet she will just blossom! take care :)

moshgirl said...

So sorry to read that about Ashleigh! People can be very cruel and it only makes me worry for Liam and how he will be accepted and treated. Hope she enjoys her new school. Look forward to following your reno journey - good luck with that :-)

Carlton said...

WOW there is so much happening in your life right now...

Hope it all works out....

Tania said...

As I said yesterday mate I definitely think this is a time of new beginnings for Ashleigh, her "friend" will get her own back one day!

I can't wait to see the progress on your house - it's going to look spectacular when you finish it and with Mikayla's 2nd birthday only 7 weeks away I am fast learning how quickly they grow!

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday night and starting our journey together again - thanks so much for lunch yesterday, it was great catching up.

Hippygal said...

Thanks for the link again, I had the link but cleared out a whole lot of non updated blogs lol, and then a couple of weeks later you are blogging again yay....

Chris H said...

Hi Tina!
Photos on blogger.. I always choose to put one photo at a time in the centre of the page... and write under each one, that way they go where I want.
So glad all is well with you...
Girls are nasty, full stop!
I hope you do photos of your renovations!

Sonya said...

Tina things are looking up for you and I can feel it in my bones. Keep your chin up because you'll always find a surprise around the corner. Good luck with the renovations, I've been there and done that so I know your pain! Glad to hear things are good for Ashleigh finally, she needed something to make her smile again. Looking forward to catching up with you at the end of August. Until then, take care babe!

Kym's Challenge said...

Hey Tina, Glad Ashleigh is changing schools, she deserves to be happy. I have a year 6 child and boy I know some girls that age a vendictive little monkeys. Can't wait to see the renovations taking place. Good luck for WW tonight!!

Corin said...

Wow you really do have a ton going on right now.

First of all, I have no idea how I would handle my daughter being bullied. I would feel so ANGRY at the other kids, then I would feel so SAD for my daughter, then I would probably do exactly what you did and change her environment. I think that was such a wise choice. Good for you for actually taking pro-active steps in helping your daughter through these sometimes rough growing up years. I know my day will come! So I try every single day to enjoy these baby-hood and kid days as much as possible. It's so easy to get caught up in how exhausting it is having very small ones. But just the other day Levi ran over to me and just threw his arms around me and burried his face in my chest. And I thought, "Oh...don't ever let this moment pass!!"

And on the note of not having that many readers, I think WAY more people read blogs than comment, especially other family members that don't have blogger accounts. But now with fb, I can see how much easier it is there to update. I personally don't use fd, but I know EVERYONE and their brother does!

I'm so glad to get to catch up with you again. I know you will conquer your weight journey. You have the strong will and desire to do it. Keep it up friend!

Kate said...

Hi stranger! So glad to see that the school move was a good one. Hopefully she can move on and put all that nastiness behind her.

Great news about the house, you won't know yourselves!

K x