Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Week

Actually it's nearly 2 weeks since I updated. School is back and life is super busy again.

I have joined Curves. I am loving the format and the one on one you get. I know all the staff already and they are all super friendly and helpful. I couldn't get them to waver the joining fee so I am paying off the $124 over 12 months. It's only $2.50 per week which is nothing when you look at it like that. I know Curves is not for everyone but it is right for me. That might change down the track but I will commit to 12 months and see how I feel after that.

Unfortunately my good work has not shown on the scales. I gained 200g and 300g in the last 2 weeks. Although when I jumped on my home scales last Wednesday morning I was down 1 kg and they are still down. Because my meetings stopped last Tuesday night, I will weigh every Tuesday morning and record my results here.

Nikki started high school on the 27th January and is settling in very well. She seems happy and has already made new friends. It is a juggle to get her to a different school each morning and afternoon though. I have to be super organised especially in the mornings because I drop Nikki off at a friends at 8am and then 3 days a week Ashleigh, Jarryd and I walk to their school. Then back home and get to work by 9am.

It's amazing when you get into an exercise routine how much you enjoy it. I have gone from being horribly lazy over christmas and of course gaining weight to being active and focussed on continuing this journey. Yesterday I went to Curves in the morning and then rallied the girls and walked into Semaphore. A round trip of about 5 kms, half of it carrying heavy shopping bags. I was totally stuffed when I made it home but it was such a good feeling.

Steve and I are having a hard time again but we are talking things through this time before it gets out of hand. Money is our biggest issue. We had a credit card christmas this year because of a few circumstances beyond our control and the money just wasn't there. So I am in damage control and have redone our budget. How scary is that!!!! Mind blowing how much every bill has gone up in the 3 years since I last did a budget. Steve can't understand why when he works so hard (which he does) why the money isn't there to spend on himself. As everyone with kids knows, spending money on yourself is a rare luxury.

In the last month we have had over $1000 in bills I haven't budgeted for like rates and ambulance fund. Plus the extra we have to pay a month for Ashleigh's braces and a holiday to save for in March. Thank goodness Steve earns good overtime money which is all extra but he works bloody hard for it. But I know there are many families in the same situation. We are lucky to have our own home and not renting like so many.

Steve is going to Darwin in a couple of weeks to have a break with his best mate who lives up there. I'm jealous but I get my trips to Melbourne and god knows we all need time out!! Then 2 weeks after that we are off to Cairns. I am counting the days. We are going with a beautiful lady and her hubby and daughter I met through the ww forums and have come to be the bestest mates. Sammy has exactly the same struggles as I do with my weight and it's amazing to have someone who I have clicked with so well as a good friend. We have booked the most amazing house to stay in and I am so looking forward to sitting by the pool on the beachfront and doing nothing!!!!!! This is a relaxing holiday. We always go away and do things every day but this time we will do a couple of things and then spend the last week doing very little. I can't wait.

I am very excited about the turn this weight loss journey has taken. Some big changes for me but I know they are good changes. 2010 is our year girls!!


Chris H said...

Ha ha... it made me smile when you said how difficult it was to drop kids off at two different schools!
At one point I had 1 at kindy, 1 at primary school, 2 at intermediate and 2 at college! IMAGINE HOW BUSY THAT WAS!
I'm glad you are enjoying Curves too.

Tania said...

In all the years i've known you I don't think there have been many obstacles you haven't been able to overcome. You have such amazing strength and determination, probably more than you even realised! And i'm confident you'll get through these tough financial times and the tough times you're having with Steve.

As to your weight loss - i'm so glad that you're enjoying Curves and your decision to leave WW, it comes down to what is best for us all as individuals and if you're not happy with what you're doing it's time to change.

I hope you and Sam and your families have a FABULOUS trip away - you deserve the down time for rest and relaxation. Glad to hear Nikki has made a smooth transition into high school.

samantha said...

Hi Tina

I am so glad you are enjoying curves! The results will be amazing for you I'm sure. I know how hard you guys are doing it right now but it will get better in the long run, I know as we are doing it tough too :( I'm so glad to hear Nikki has settled in to high school and made some new friends. I can't wait to see you all in 31 days!!!!! Its going to be an amazing holiday with some awesome friends!LOL I am always here for you, you know that. Take Care and believe in yourself xxx

Froggy said...

Any gain is likely to be muscle, now you are doing Curves! Good luck with that!

It is terrbily hard trying to juggle the finances now. We are both working, renting, with one child, and we still struggle!

I wish you all the best with that. And keep up that communication - you can never get by without it!

thinking of you!

Hua said...
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Hua said...

Hey Tina,

I'm glad to see that you have joined Curves and that it is the right fit for you. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

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Corin said...

Hey Tina! Just checking up on you. Ugh, finances, hard times for everyone for sure. I hope you get your budget worked out and that you and Steve are doing well.

Happy Spring! Eer....wait, it's spring in the states, so it's winter(?) fall (?) in your neck of the world?!! Haha..sorry! I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina Bina! Not blogging anymore??? Sorry I missed your birthday lovely. Hope you had a good one. See you on FB. XO

Trish said...

Hey Tina

How are you doing? Do you still like Curves