Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Steve did this computer collage with some old photos he found of the kids. Good memories.

Jo (standing) and from left, myself, Jo and Kazz. From our lunch last Saturday. Awful photo of me. I had come straight from Curves and still had my hair up (Yuk!!)

Aarrggg. why does Blogger never put things were I want when I upload photos. Enlarge the collage. There are some great pics.

I just realised I haven't been here to update my weigh in last week. Another good week. I lost 1.2 kgs which takes me to 19.8 kgs lost. Still another 6 kgs to go to get to where I was and I kick myself every day realising where I could have been. But that's life. Full of bloody ups and downs, especially on this journey.

I am in the 2nd week of my Curves free trial and am loving it. I know it's not for everyone but I truly believe it is for me. Number 1 is the fact that I can go anytime I want. That is so important with my busy life. I don't feel like I am taking away time from my family because I can go during the afternoon, especially on a Friday when I finish early and the kids are at school. Every staff member I have encountered has been friendly and helpful and most of all interested in ME!!

They are about to start a Biggest Loser challenge which I am really interested in, especially as I finish up ww next Tuesday. The only hurdle is the joining fee. I have to see the manager on Friday and work this out. I can't afford a joining fee so if they want my business, they need to waive it. So I'll keep you updated on that front.

No meeting for me tonight because of the holiday so I'm going back to my old meeting on Thursday. Wonder if there are any familiar faces still there.

I had a lovely catch up with some ww friends last Saturday. We met at the Chinatown food court and I had vietnamese soup full of noodles, chicken, prawn, calamari and pork and cold rolls. I have no idea how much we have lost between us but it is a lot of weight. Kazz blows me away every time I see her. She has lost over 45 kgs and is a gym junkie - LOL!! Even though she weighs more than me, her body is looking so toned and it is testament to what you can do if you put your mind to it. Kazz is in the black singlet top in the above photo.

School goes back tomorrow. How quick did these holidays go!! Nikki starts high school and is really looking forward to it. It is a whole new chapter in both of our lives and I can't help but feel the slightest sadness. She is growing up way to fast for my liking.

I'll be back later in the week to update my weigh in and what is happening with joining Curves.


Chris H said...

I don't think that's an aweful photo of you at all! You all look lovely, so there!

Trish said...


I am glad you like Curves. I have done both Curves and Contours. If you do start to get a bit bored, remember on the boards you can do what you like - use hand weights etc to give you the extra lift.


Froggy said...

Hey there, Tina! So, another Adelaidian! Great news!

Buying stationary at this time of the year is horrid, isn't it? My daughter's stationary was always included in her school fees too, and next year she is off to Mitcham Girls so it's going to be quite a shock to the financial system.

Good luck with the weight loss. It's no easy task, and then once you get so far, keeping it off is soooo hard.

I had a lap band 3 years ago, got down to 88kg and dammit, I am stuck there. Can't seem to budge another kg! But at least that's a size 16 so gotta be happy with that.

I enjoy your blog and will keep checking in!

Jenny said...

Tina, I hope Curves comes to the party and waives the joining fee. Hope Nicky enjoys her first day at high school.

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Hey. I just stumbled across your blog and I'm loving it. I'll definitely be following.

Check out my blog. I'm sure you'll love it!


Kate said...

Love all the photos Tina. I hope Nikki went well, first day of high school - so grown up!

I'm glad you're enjoying curves. Hope the waive the fee for you... how much is it??!

Keep up the good work! K :)

kazz said...

oh i feel famous tina ! lol it was a lovely lunch ! yum yum

kazz =]

Tania said...

OMG Tina - yellow REALLY suits you! And I agree with Chris, it's definitely not an awful photo.

How did Nikki go with her first week in high school? Hope she enjoyed it.

Hope that Curves do waive the joining fee - look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.

MuMmARat said...

Hi Tina, just found your blog. Can't wait to have a read.

Hopefully Curves worked out for you. I really didn't mind Curves at all I did it most the way through my last pregnancy and it was great. I struggled going back though as I don't often get kid free time.