Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy Dinner

Because I am home alone tonight, it would have been so easy to get take away.
But I didn't. I got some prawns and made cold rolls.
Yummo and so easy. I put in vermicilli noodles, prawns, bean sprouts, snow peas, cucumber and corriander and added some sweet chilli sauce. I stuffed them full and was surprisingly very full after 3.


Tania said...

Oh yum - after last Tuesday night I could become addicted! Next stop on my "new things to try" list will have to be sushi! Well done on making such a good choice mate.

Kate said...

We have those all the time, a great gluten free dinner! We get the rice paper that is as round as if you put your thumbs together and your index fingers together too - so they don't get so huge (great for the kids too!).

They look delsih too! YUMMO!

samantha said...

Tina they look so delish!! Well done on making an effort to do it just for yourself, takeaway would have been such an easy option but you didnt, you go girl we WILL look hot for cairns!!LOL xx

Jill said...

Yummo Tina these look great I have never tried these might have to give them ago.

Chris H said...

NICE... must try them too.

Kym's Challenge said...

They look so yummy!!! Congratulations and go you for making a great food choice!!!