Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Decision

If you are friends with me on facebook you already know this but after 18 months, I have decided to stop going to Weight Watchers meetings.

I still wholeheartedly believe in the concept of ww and will be following the programme but I have become very frustrated with the new meetings format. We are now down to a 20 minute meeting and I just don't think I am getting my moneys worth. I have always wanted to rejoin a gym but with money being tight, it was meetings or gym, not both. I needed the meetings in the past, I needed the accountability but something has changed. I have the most wonderful, supportive friends on facebook, most of whom I have met through the ww forums. I belong to a couple of facebook weight loss groups and have accountability there.

So I am going to put my money to better use and join the gym again. I have a 2 week free pass to Curves so I am going to check that out tomorrow. The positive of a gym like Curves is that I can go anytime which really appeals to me. Time is limited and to be able to do a 30 minute workout anytime is a great idea. On the down side, a few people have said it might become boring doing the same thing all the time.

I used to belong to a gym that has aqua classes which I loved. I can go back there but the classes I could go to are only on at night and most nights I have committments. Anyway I will do the 2 week Curves free trail and see how I feel after that.

I've had a couple of mini blowouts with my food this week. The night time munchies are my problem area but I have eaten less during the day to try and make up for it. Time will tell when I get on those scales next Tuesday. My ww membership is paid up until 2/2 so I will continue meetings until then. And I figure, if I realise I can't do this alone, there is no shame in going back to meetings. I probably will go back when I have 10 kgs to go because I have always had the goal of getting to Life Time membership.

I can't believe there is less than 2 weeks left of these school holidays. Where is that time going? Nikki is very excited about going to high school. We have to go and get a heap of stationery this weekend for her because it's not supplied.

Ok I'm heading to bed. This post was meant to be a very quick one - LOL!!

Thanks so much for all the support I get here and on facebook. It really means so much.


Jill said...

Hey Tina this sounds like the right decision for you. enjoy your free trial at curves ,be sure to let us know what it is like. Other gyms often offer trials aswell. Have a good look around for free before making your decision.

Jenny said...

Hi Tina, I think you're spending your money in the right place. WW is expensive and I think you have all the tools you need, and you have the support too. It's good that you have a free trial, I'd try other places too. Gyms are open many hours and once you have a program you can do it anytime too. The curves routine would become very monotonous, at least with a gym program, you can change it every few months. I admire you fitting in the exercise with working full days go too quickly and I don't work full time. Good luck Tina. I look forward to seeing how well you do this year.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Do you have a Fitness First near you anywhere hun? I'll send you a trial to use after your 2 weeks at curves is up. Email me taintz [at] optusnet [dot]com [dot] au

Kate said...

Great work Tina. I hope you love it as much as I do - not that I go to curves, couldn't do that, I would go insane, going round and round and round! I love the classes at my gym, so motivating! Take Jadey up on her offer to try a gym.

Good luck! K x

samantha said...

Hi Tina
You know that you have the support through a great network and I know you'll be able to do this. And as you said no shame in going back if its not working for you, but just believe in yourself like we believe in you and we are only an internet connection away!!LOL Miss ya heaps mate can't wait to catch up in 53 days! xx

Khris said...

Well after 18months I guess you know what you need to do. I am still following my WW points and concepts to get to where I want to but felt the same way about spending the $$ for what we were getting. I am not so fussed on gyms though and do my own walking, bike riding and use the cross trainer at home. It helps to save the $$ for sure...good luck with your trial...Khris

Trish said...

Hi Tina

Try a few gyms out - some people adore curves - some not. Best of luck and I look forward to following your journey


Tania said...

I think it's important that you follow your instincts, in regards to leaving Weight Watchers and joining Curves! It's what you enjoy and what benefits you that counts, I personally didn't get enough out of Curves but if you end up feeling the same way after a few months of it you can always pay a one month cancellation fee to end your contract and try a conventional gym. It's important that it fits in with your lifestyle.

I will miss you at the meetings on Tuesday night but completely understand your reasons for moving on and you know i'm always here to support you, we'll just have to go back to coffees/walks/lunches to catch up :-)

Shazzy x said...

PS U know I am a leader, and happy to help u whenever u need it hun!