Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Thought I would start the new year off with some photos of our last month.
Jarryd has inherrited 2 guinea pigs. Boy do they grow quickly.

Stansbury back beach. There is so much bird life and it's lovely to go down and feed the birds.

The girls riding their ripsticks.

Ashleigh on xmas day.

We bought the kids a trampoline.

I bought Steve a signed and framed Essendon print off of ebay. Unfortunately it arrived the day before xmas with broken glass so I had to race around and get someone to fix it.

Jarryd with his Bakugan he got from Santa.

I don't mind this photo of me for a change. We had a mate's 50th at our place the week before xmas.

Steve and I at my work break up.

We took the kids to see Santa. I think it might be our last year :(

I hope 2010 is a very special year. We have a Cairns holiday to look forward to in March.
Unfortunately my weight loss efforts have gone backwards the last few months so I need to refocus and get this journey finished.
Well as usual blogger isn't putting the comments next to the right photos but I hope you get the idea of what has been going on in our lives.


samantha said...

Hey Tina!
Love the photo's. god they kids have grown so much since I last saw them!! Can't wait to catch up with you in March for Cairns, getting very excited only another 67 more days!! I went back to my meeting this morning then went out and filled the fridge with good stuff, no more EXCUSES!! LOL So here's to a great year mate. Lets do it! xx

Tania said...

Lovely photos Tina (especially the one of you and Steve), looks like you've had a great few weeks too. Focus on what you've achieved over the last year mate - that's 20kgs gone for good, never to return - I think you've done so well with all the challenges you've faced and your hectic daily routine! Look forward to seeing you Tuesday night.

Chris H said...


JustJo said...

Happy New Year!!! Awesome to see all the fabulous photos - I love them :)

Kate said...

Lovely pics Tina. You have come so far his year, focus on that.

The kids are looking so grown up! Amazing. Hope you got ur card, K xx