Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First Ever Christmas Loss

Well for as long as I can remember!!

My last weigh in was about the 19th December.  Christmas eating and drinking (a lot) and I weighed in tonight to a 500g loss.  Woohoo.

I'm feeling totally relaxed as well and Martine commented on that tonight.  Amazing what a few weeks off can do to recharge the batteries.

I'm going to track on My Fitness Pal and see what this week brings.  I don't know what it is about a new year that brings renewed passion.  Long may it continue.  For those that don't know, I left weight watchers about 9 months ago and followed my leader when she went out on her own.  She is the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to nutrition so I am learning more than I did with ww in all the times I have gone.  An amazing friend Martine and I go to her house for an hour session of talking and working through things.  And all at the bargain price of a ww meeting.

So I need to take advantage of this and prove once and for all that I can lose this weight and keep it off. I am still about 15 kgs from my highest weight which is good but I need to keep going.  I do feel that this year I will make progress.

A Port Douglas and Palm Cove luxury holiday in April is on the agenda for my big birthday that I'm not talking about so I want to lose 20 kgs before then.  Is that possible?

I think so......watch this space.


Magpie said...

Hi Tina, 20kg is a lot of weight to loose in just over 3 months, just count your calories and it will happen, you should at least get to 10 or 12 kg which will make an amazing difference. Maggie

Tania said...

Congrats on your loss Tina, that's a definite boost to your morale for the start of the year!