Thursday, January 10, 2013


What a lovely day I've had.  Even though the internet is being a dick, I managed to go back and read the first 12 months of my blog.  What a cool thing to do.  It was nearly 7 years ago.  So the kids were 4, 7 and 9.  What a different life to my life today of surviving teenagers and one pre teen.

Life was uncomplicated back then........

Someone reminded me as I was looking back on the photos that there would be fire victims that have lost all their photos.  Luckily in the digital age, we can access them easily.

Food is totally on track.  If anything I'm not eating enough.  I have discovered avocado and have been having it in a sandwich as a spread instead of butter.  I have been so lazy these holidays with my food as well so it's now been 2 days of tracking and being on track.

I'm really looking forward to weigh in next Tuesday.

Anyway just a quickie today.  The catalogues have arrived and I have 3,600 to fold.


Martine (email: said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. I expect us both to have great losses. I will drive. My good is great as well, just updated my blog. Feeling very saint like these last two days. So glad we are both blogging. Martine x

LeanneF said...

Keep up the good work Tina!! Glad to see you are back at your blog, and good luck with weigh in next week. I'm worried about mine, all that Xmas Chocolate!!