Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Very Naughty Blogger

I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog. So much has been happening including a 4 day trip to Melbourne. I have photos to upload but I will do that on the weekend when I have more time.

I have taken on coaching Nikki's netball team and then I also got the job of looking after Ashleigh's school netball team because not one other mother or father put their hand up to help. So I have netball 3 nights a week now. Ashleigh's team is gorgeous. Out of 7 players, not one of them has ever played netball before so it is a real challenge - lol.

I had the most wonderful time in Melbourne. My best friend Lee lives in Melbourne and we managed to spend 3 full days together out of 4. Unfortunately she had to work on the Saturday, but it gave me the chance to have lunch with some of the Melbourne bloggers. Wonderful Kate picked me up and we had a really yummy meal at a cafe in Glen Waverley. It was so good to meet Kate and LisaB and see Penny again. Penny and I met each other a couple of years ago through another forum and we have kept in touch ever since. So a huge thanks to Kate, Lisa and Penny for going out of your way and catching up with me. It was a lovely afternoon.

I also managed to fit in going to the MCG to see my team Port Power beat Melbourne. I have never been to the MCG before and it was huge. I guess it looked even bigger because there were only 16,000 people there in a 100,000 seat stadium. It actually looked grey and drab but only because there were so many empty seats. Oh well, the sun was shining and it was a great day.

Lee and I treated ourselves to a night in the Stamford Plaza in the city. I booked it on as a mystery 5 star hotel room and only paid $145. The deal was I didn't know what we would get or where it would be until I booked and paid for it. But I thought you can't go too wrong with a 5 star hotel for $145. We ended up with a suite with a spa and it was very luxurious so we were very lucky.

Steve had the job of looking after the kids for the weekend. I was a bit worred after I got my first phone call from the kids on Friday night and Nikki burst into tears because she had already had a run in with Steve. But I couldn't let it spoil my weekend. I needed and deserved this break and I knew they would be ok. And they did survive the weekend.

I did get another bunch of flowers from Steve when I got home so that was a lovely thought. We are getting on ok at the moment. We have our first counselling session next week so I know that will be very interesting. I just hope Steve can open up and confide his true feelings.

I'll be back on the weekend to upload some photos.


LisaB said...

Glad you had a nice was lovely meeting you, and you were just how I expected you to be. Good luck with the counselling...let us know how it all goes. xxx

Jenny said...

Tina, your weekend sounds wonderful. You needed some time away like that. It helps to put things into perspective - distance is good like that. It was sweet of your dh to buy you some flowers on your return. They always appreciate us more after we've been away.

Will check back to see your photos when you upload them. Thinking of you with your counselling sessions. Stay positive, and keep blogging.

Tania said...

Great to hear from you Tina - glad you had a good time in Melbourne. I could say something about the Port Power game (but I won't) :-)

And how nice for you to come home to more flowers, of course you deserve them all! Wishing you all the best with the counselling, looking forward to catching up with you soon.

Leighanne said...

What a bugga I didn't know you were at that game...we could have met up at half