Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things are Good

Firstly a huge thankyou to everyone who has left comments and sent emails to me this week. I have been an emotional mess and your comments have really helped me realise that I am not alone in whatever decision I make now or in the future.

Steve and I have worked our way through things for now. I have made an appointment for us to see a counsellor in about 3 weeks and he is totally agreeable to this which I know is the first step. When Steve got home from work Monday, he was carrying a huge bunch of flowers and he gave me a card which was amazing. The wording was so perfect and he had obviously put lots of thought into it. Inside he simply wrote: 'I am sorry for hurting you so badly. I am a fool' We both had a cry and he listened to every word I had to say without saying a word himself which was the total opposite of what had happened the previous day. To Steve's credit, he can apologise and admit when he is wrong and god knows I'm not perfect either so we have lots to work through. We need to get to the bottom of why he is feeling the way he feels. For example, when friends ask how he is going, his answer is always - "Married with children" and it's not in a good tone. So we are going to get to the bottom of why he is feeling like this all the time.

I had a great day today. It was my birthday. Yes I am an Anzac baby. My trip to Melbourne is my present but the kids all made cards and presents. I got popsicle stick picture frames and Nikki put a photo in hers of me and Steve on our wedding day which made me cry again. Good tears though. We went out to lunch with my side of the family. There were 13 of us all up. We went to Cafe Primo which is a chain of cafes here in Adelaide. The meals were all really nice and huge serves. Prices were good. They had a range of specials at $8.90 and then other meals from $10.90 - $13.90. But boy did they make up for it with the drink prices. Steve went to get the kids a soft drink each, a glass of wine for me and he had a beer and got charged $25!!!! Next time we'll all drink water - lol.

My sister took Nikki shopping on Monday and bought her a dress from Supre. You can see it in the photos which I took on our new digital camera. Yahoo, I can post photos again. She is 10 going on 18. I told her she needed boobs to wear that dress because she kept telling us she looked like Marilyn Monroe. Ashleigh took a photo of me that I didn't think is too bad so at last you get a photo of me as well instead of just the kids all the time.

So now it's only 9 sleeps until my trip to Melbourne. I am really looking forward to catching up with my bestest friend Lee. We don't get to see each other very often, but when we do we never stop talking. There will be so much to catch up on. Also Kate is organizing a lunch somewhere on Saturday 5th May for the Melbourne bloggers so hopefully I will get to meet a few of you. I will post where and when as soon as I know.


Kym's Challenge said...

A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FOR YESTERDAY. I am glad things are working themselves out for you and your family. Remember to look after yourself.

crankybee said...

Hey Tina, I'm a lurker, but thought I'd come out of the woodwork! I too had a bit of crap week - it sucks doesn't it? I am really pleased you are going to see a counsellor - it will be the BEST thing you have EVER done, trust me! I have been where you are, and after a month or two talking to someone with my partner, things between us were fantastic! So much so we are getting married in 6 weeks!

Hang in there, and remember - your husband might be being a bit of a shit, but he loves you. Because there aren't many men his age who would agree to go and see a counsellor!!!!!!

Fatpolly said...

Hi Tina
I am another lurker. Good luck with everything and happy birthday.

crankybee said...

I should have added after "at his age" that my fiance ('chops') is 40 and it was actually his suggestion to go and see someone...I'm guessing him and your hubbie are in the same age bracket? We are both lucky women!

I've been thinking of you since I read your post and responded...honestly, things will get better, you wait and see!

LisaB said...

Hi Tina,
Happy Birthday for Wednesday!
Sounds like there is still a lot of good stuff to work with in your marriage...good on you for making it a priority and going to counselling!
I'm all for the blogger lunch on Saturday the 5th...have it all pencilled in! :)

lisa jane said...

And i missed your big day :(

Sorry Tina.

Your girl is hilarious with the marylin monroe business, what a cutey pie!

I'm sorry to be hearing that you have been having such a difficult time, I hope that peace comes back to your house very soon.

crankybee said...

Update! Update! :P