Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy weekend

This weekend has flown by. We were so busy. We had a very active weekend which was good.
It started Friday night when I caught up with a couple of friends I have made through a weight loss support group I belong to. We had dinner together and we all had great meals. I had the warm chicken salad which was yummo. Thanks for a great night Karen and Pauline.

I weighed Saturday morning and lost 700g so I was very happy with that. I also discovered that I am the lowest weight I have been in about 12 months so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Nikki had a bowling party to go to in the afternoon so I took Ashleigh and Jarryd too and we went bowling as well. I can't believe I left my camera at home because Jarryd was priceless. They both did really well and I think mummy should have had the bumpers as well because I got beaten by both of them. Steve had to stay home and fix up his old motorbike so we can sell it. I put 3 months rego on it nearly 3 months ago and it's still sitting under the carport. So I had to crack the whip - lol.

We had to look after my nephew for my sister after bowling because she had to work so we all walked down to the beach playground. I'd forgotten how hard it is pushing a pram especially with a nearly 3 year old in it. The kids had a fantastic time with their cousin. I just wish I had half of their energy.

My mum has been in Canberra for a week and we had to pick her up from the airport at 7pm Saturday night so by the time we got home and had tea it was about 10pm. What a day!!

Then today, I was up early to go to the markets. I tell you I turned that alarm off 3 times and if I wasn't going with a friend I probably would have stayed in bed this morning. Then Tania picked me up at 10am and we went for a gorgeous walk along the beach front. It was a perfect day today and there were so many people out walking, it was a great feeling to be part of it. Thanks Tania. It's nice to have someone to walk with other than the kids. Don't get me wrong, I love walking with the kids but they are always stopping for something. It was great catching up with Tania and we managed to sit outside the beach kiosk drinking coffee and talking. The best part was no kids for a couple of hours - lol. Time for US.

We looked after my nephew again this afternoon so we decided to go to another beach playground (where I took the above photos) The kids exhausted me just watching them. They didn't stop. But guess what?? They are all tucked up now fast asleep.

And the best thing about the weekend???? My AFL team Port Power won and the Crows lost - lol.

I also want to mention that I am going to be in Melbourne the first weekend of May and some of the bloggers are talking about meeting up on Saturday 5th May to go 10 pin bowling and for lunch. I would love to meet up with anyone who is interested. Sounds like a good excuse for a Melbourne blogger get together. So let me know if you are interested. Some of the gabbers on Beckie's blog were talking about it the other night so it could be a fun day. Especially the bowling after my effort yesterday - lol.

We are going to Steve's parents in Stansbury next Saturday so the easter bunny will be coming to Stansbury for us this year. Then on Sunday - Easter day it is Steve's birthday so it will be great celebrating his birthday with his family this year.

I can't believe it is April already. Only 26 weeks and 5 days until we leave for Cairns - not that I'm counting.


jill said...

wow tina i love your stories of your fun packed weekends tina. you have some lovely parks where you live. great loss too.

Wish i could go to melbourne it would be nice to meet some of the other bloggers. Have a great weekend and i might cathc you on gabbly during the week

Tania said...

Lol ... I bet Steve was happy with the result of the game on Sunday! It was great to catch up again on the weekend, the weather was fabulous for a good walk and love the new pictures - hope the kids (and Steve) survived their morning with Maddok :-)

LisaB said...

you can count me in on the Melbourne blog meet, Tina :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend- time to yourself with friends, well, that's just wonderful. :) And, uh, I can commiserate on the difficulties of pushing a heavy stroller- haha!

btw- I'm moving my blog to from These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things. Hope to see you there. :)