Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another Update

I went to see my doctor last night and she has agreed to give me 6 weeks to try and get my irons levels up with diet.

I'm not sure if I am putting off the inevitable but I'm going to give it a huge go. It can only be a good thing. But it has made me realise that it shouldn't take a health scare to start healthy eating again. I've had a good start because I am 1.5 kgs lighter than this time last week.

The kids finish school for the term tomorrow thank goodness. Everything stops for 2 weeks so I'm going to try and get out for a walk on the days I finish early because I won't have to be rushing around getting kids to sport. I love school holidays.
I was pretty impressed with Jarryd's latest creation - a robot he made at school. The kids have brought so much stuff home this week that they have done during the term that I am going to have to sort through it when they aren't around. I just can't keep everything.
We had some very scary weather here last night. We live near the coast and there was a king tide last night. There was a lot of flooding in our area but luckily we weren't affected though our local jetty is destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. I had to drop Ashleigh's friend off home from dancing and their street was flooded and the SES were sandbagging everyone's driveways. They were predicting 120 km per hour winds but it didn't get that bad thank goodness.
Only one more working day this week. Roll on weekend. It's going to be our first quiet one in months.


Chris H said...

You like school holidays? Are you mad?.... oh no, I think you havn't been a mother of 8 for 28 years already eh? LOL I HATE THEM, da kids drive me nuts! TOTALLY NUTS!

Tania said...

Fingers crossed that your diet will make a difference to your iron levels over the next 6 weeks! Hope the kids have a great time on school holidays and hope you enjoyed your quiet weekend - i'm hoping to have a quiet one really soon!

Lee Foster said...

Hi Tina,

I have been worried about you but know you will be ok. I have had an endoscope & it is not so bad. Do what ever you need too to be well dears. Glad to hear you had a quiet week end as You know that I feel you forget yourself as your life is so rush rush. My kids are now at their own address & are 18 & 20. I never once hated school holidays. I loved the lack of routine in the holidays but Chris is right too! I had 2 kids, not 8!! Love you "T"

Lee Foster said...

Wow Jarryd,
That's the best robot I have ever seen! Trent made me a small robot puppet when he was your age & I still have it in my bed room & still love it! Hey Tina....I love the new robes you have made your home into a palace & I can't wait to come stay with the kids. I have a new latex bed & am suffering less pain in the mornings because of it. It's almost like the water bed it is so soft!

Lee Foster said...