Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good News????

Just a quick update to say I had my ultrasound yesterday and although I don't see my doctor until tomorrow night for the results, they did say all looked ok.

So I guess we'll see what my doctor says tomorrow. She did mention if this all came back ok, the next step would be an endoscopy to see if anything is going on in my gut. Obviously this isn't an option I really want to explore.

After having a really good think about things last night, I realize that my diet has been pretty poor over the last 3 months. I think going onto iron tablets made me subconsciously think I could relax with increasing my iron naturally. I really need to make a concerted effort to eat lots of food high in iron. I have been googling for some ideas. I eat very little of all the foods listed that are high in iron. So hopefully the doctor will agree to let me try this for a month and see what the next reading is. Then if it is still bad, we can go down the other path.

Am I crazy thinking I can do this by myself? I am trying to think very positive thoughts. I will let you know what happens after tomorrow night.

Thanks to everyone for the messages, emails and phone calls. It's much needed.


Chris H said...

I hope all is well with your insides, I have been through similar procedures lately, I have fibroids in me uterus and a dicky cervix.... waiting for surgery now. IIKKKKYYY. Did you have to have an internal ultrasound too? I did, Triple IIKKKKKKY !

Kym's Challenge said...

This is good news so far and I'm sure the rest will be. I am a lurker usually but love reading your blog and I think you can do this or at least try your best and see if it helps.

Tania said...

Hey Tina, definitely sounds promising! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow night, fingers crossed that you can do this on your own, anything's possible right? Hang in there mate, i'm always here for you if you need to talk. Catch up with you soon on MSN.

Jenny said...

Hope it all works out okay. My sil had very low iron and it wasn't fixed with iron tablets. She was losing alot each month and her body couldn't keep up with it. She had a MIRENA put in, which is an IUD and her periods have stopped and voila no more iron level problems.

It will be interesting seeing what the doctor says tomorrow.

Good luck.

Miss Beck said...

I absolutely think anything you can try to do for yourself over the next month can't hurt. e.g. Treat yourself well, research (and eat) iron rich foods and keep closely monitored by doctors visits.

Good luck tomorrow night!

AM said...

Do you eat meat? If you do, I didnt realize meat eaters had to worry about anemia. When I was pregnant with Emma I had low iron, but we all thought that was because I am a vegetarian.

This all sounds very scary! I know the endoscopy wouldnt be fun, but somethings not right!

Tania said...

Hey Tina - how did things go with the doctor tonight? I hope well! Speak soon.