Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Goals

Well I am pleasantly surprised. As of this morning the scales are up 800g.

Not too bad considering I have been treating myself to some yummy food I only eat once a year. I think christmas lunch is generally a healthy meal. Turkey, ham, prawns and salad. It's the sweet stuff that I find hard to resist. Steve's mum's apricot balls are the best I have ever tried. This year I made some bounty balls and mini xmas puddings both dipped in chocolate. I ate sooooo many but they are all gone now and I am back tracking. I enjoyed christmas this year and didn't deprive myself. My meeting was closed on Tuesday night so I have just under a week to lose that 800g +

We had a lovely family christmas. I got an ipod shuffle, my port power membership, a sunshade for the car, money, garden solar butterflies, body shop coconut shimmer lotion from my working girl Nikki and other little bits and bobs. I did get spoilt because I got presents from Steve and each of the kids. We all gave each other something this year with money saved by the kids. From Santa, Nikki got a notebook laptop, Ashleigh got an ipod dock and speakers and Jarryd got an ipod nano. Of course the kids were very spoilt but it was lovely to spend time with families.

We went to Kadina for a few days to stay with Steve's parents. Steve's dad has heart problems and had just got out of hospital after having a turn last week. His medication has been adjusted and he has to take it easy for 6 weeks. They couldn't even find his pulse because it was so sky high. The doctors were amazed he was alive. It is a testiment to his good, clean living that he is here with us today. They moved from a beautiful seaside country town to Kadina which is a bigger country town with a hospital 8 kms away. They had to do it for Steve's dad and it has already paid off because the doctors told him he wouldn't have been here this xmas if he lived in Stansbury. The nearest doctor is too far away.

Nikki has broken up with her 1st boyfriend. I think I am sader than her because he really is a nice boy but too quiet and shy for her. He doesn't show much emotion or feeling which is not like Nikki at all. She is way too outgoing for him. I married one like that and believe me it doesn't get any better - LOL!!
She has a great friendship group so isn't so sad. She is loving working at Boost. Lovely bunch of kids as far as I can tell. Unfortunately most of them are much older. She has been invited to a 21st of one of the guys at a nightclub in the city and can't understand why I won't let her go. She is 14 and wouldn't get in anyway. 14 is such a hard age because you want to be partying with the older teens but are way too young to be doing it. Well in my opinion anyway. Would love to hear your views on that topic.

We are having a new years eve party tomorrow night. It's going to be 43 deg here in Adelaide so we are having a pool party. Not sure who or how many will be here but I know 43 deg is good drinking weather to bring in the new year. With so much of Australia under water, I am not going to complain about the heat.

So as this year comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you reading for your support especially with my weight loss journey. It is a hard journey that a lot of people don't understand but I know lots of people who read my blog have the same struggles. Struggles we can win. Have a very safe and happy new years eve and may 2011 be a year full of happiness.

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Tania said...

Are you psychic? It wasn't that long ago that you were saying you didn't think Nikki and her boyfriend would last. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, your time in Kadina and you have a fabulous start to 2011. Thanks for all your support this year, it means the world to me! May 2011 be a fabulous year for you and your lovely family.