Sunday, January 02, 2011

I NEED Routine

I have come to the conclusion that I need a strict routine. When it comes to eating anyway. I find myself so often picking at easy, convenient food. Food that comes out of a wrapper that I don't have to prepare. That is just lazy. Fruit is free on this new plan so I should have cut up fruit in the fridge all the time. But I am on holidays and I am lazy.

So even though I am going back to work on Tuesday, I am glad for the routine starting up again for me. I drink lots of water at work, I am too busy to mindless eat and I am happier.

The paper run has stopped for a few weeks and I am not even exercising. How lazy is that!!!

So I am going for a walk later and will take some photos to prove it. The weather is perfect and I live 10 mins from the beach so there is no excuses really. I haven't even been tracking and still I get on the scales every morning and expect a loss. In fact what I saw this morning was an even bigger gain than 3 days ago. So Christmas and New Year are over. The party is over and I need to get back on track. Tracking, drinking water and a bit of walking.


Well I did go for a walk after tea and took the camera and then forgot to take photos - LOL!!
I had forgotten how nice it is down there. Ashleigh rode her ripstick and Jarryd rode his bike. Got to see the sun set and I promised myself I will walk down there at least twice a week.

I managed to get involved in some crap on the weight watchers forums today. I just can't believe how much trouble some people are out to cause. From asking an innocent question to a person that has been causing trouble for months to being abused was just incredible. Unfortunately these people cause trouble on weekends and the moderators aren't around to ban them. I shouldn't have bought into it but it made me so angry. Anyway it made me realise how much support I have on there as well because I got some lovely messages from a lot of lovely people.

Anyway points have been spot on today and I have tracked and exercised so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Night all xx


Jill said...

Tina I am with you I need the routine, I haven't got on track yet was going to yesterday, I find it hard with hubby at home. but can no longer keep making excuses. Look forward to seeing how you go this year

Tania said...

I can relate on the routine too - I NEED it and I also find it so much easier when i'm at work.

As to the exercise - don't beat yourself up over it mate, I think we all need a break from things every now and again and you deserve to be lazy during the holidays.

When I discovered that my gym was on reduced hours and had no creche facilities operating while I was on holidays I realised I would have 2 weeks where I wouldn't be able to go and decided to have a rest from exercise. I'm still wearing my pedometer but that's it and I have to admit i'm enjoying the break!

Do you have plans for next Saturday night? Thought I might come down for a walk on the beach and coffee?

samantha said...

Hi Mate! Have finally decided to start blogging again and have been reading all the blogs I so used to enjoy. I also went back to the ww forums and saw what is happening on there and it is an absolute disgrace. I now wonder if our ww support group will suffer from the same shit happening as that girl referred to insiders traitors and whatever, there are so many names on there now and I can only see a few posting but the new names on the board makesme wonder if any of these ladies are the troublemakers from there? I hope not as I especially need the support from these girls of which we have all become so close. Now get to the fridge and cut some fruit up! LOL xx

Corin said...

Oh man, I need routine too!! I keep thinking, as soon as this babies born, boy, I am back to watching everything I eat. Then I think, how silly, I should be doing that now!


Yay for beautiful walks! The weather looks awesome. Wish it weren't all about raining over here in Cali right now. So depressing getting stuck in the house!