Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On Track and Feeling Great

Dare I say, I am loving being back at work. I'm drinking water, tracking because I am on the computer all day with my job, and feeling the support from everyone.

I went to my meeting for the first time in 2 weeks, since the Tuesday before xmas and have gained 800g. I deserved the gain, I had a good time with food over xmas and now it is over and it is time to get serious again. I think there were a few of us that gained over christmas at our meeting and 3 out of 4 of us that go together had a gain so it sure is a hard time of year to stay on track.

Work is crazy. We only have a few back this week and it is soooo busy but that's what I thrive on. The time goes quick and I don't have time to think about food. I've been taking cut up rockmelon and watermelon the last 2 days and by eating more fruit, I have noticed I'm definitely not so hungry.

I like these short weeks. Thursday already tomorrow and before we know it will be the weekend again. Not a lot planned this weekend. We have been invited to a friends for a yiros night which should be good.

My heart goes out to all the people in Queensland affected by these devistating floods. I really can't remember seeing floods that bad anywhere before. We travelled through a lot of these areas a few years ago and it is such a beautiful part of Australia. These communites are strong though and will come through this.

It looks like the ww forums have settled down and the bullyers have been kicked out. I don't belong to too many online communities but have been shocked by the crap that was coming out of those 2 peoples mouths on the weekend. There is no justification to be calling people who have a lot of weight to lose the names that we were subjected to. Has anyone ever experienced this on any other forums or are we just soft targets because we are overweight. Well like someone said, the best revenge is to get to goal and become healthy which a lot of us are well on the way to doing.


Jill said...

Way to go tina keep up the good work. I starting today to try and stay one day on track.

Name: Lynise said...

Tina, don't worry about people who choose to resort to 'name calling' as this type of (very immature) behaviour says a lot about their character, or in their case, total lack of it.

When a person resorts to calling others names you can guarantee they must be very miserable within themselves to be able to do that, as I have learnt over the years that people simply don't behave that way unless they have ALOT of major issues going on.

Unfortunately in life we sometimes need to weed out the people who will pull us down and find people who we connect with, as connections build friendships and when friendships are formed they will provide us with the support and encouragement we all need along this crazy journey called life.

Don't take it to heart, I have seen the comments of support you give to others and you are always so encouraging, so please don't take any of the negetivity on board as you are far better then that. Negetivity is really such a destructive thing and has the ability to eat away at us like a cancer. You don't need it and I hope you already realise that the strenght of who you are will carry you through rough patchs and allow you to move forward to more positive things.

There is a very well know latin phrase "see carpe diem", which means ' seize the day' but in our case, lets all seize the year and make it a good one.

Take care Tina

Tania said...

You sound very motivated mate, well done with the tracking and the fruit eating - my addiction at the moment is fresh apricots and i'm eating heaps of them!

I'm sure i've told you this before but i've grown up being a victim of bullying because of my weight and now i'm a lot stronger for it. I think people that resort to this behaviour continue BECAUSE they get a reaction - personally I don't think they're worth bothering with. They're in the minority (thankfully).

asicstigershoesonline said...
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