Monday, January 24, 2011

A Date at Last

I just got confirmation that our new room is starting Thursday. So exciting. We have definitely outgrown this house as it is. Ashleigh needs her own bedroom. At nearly 13, she can't keep sharing with her brother. So they start preparing on Thursday. Lucky Steve gets to have a 5 day weekend. Even though he has work to do. He has to take down fences to get the bobcat in from the street behind us. And because the room is going on the neighbours boundry, that fence has to come down too. But it is going to be so worth it.

Weight wise, things aren't so good. I gained over xmas and the week after for no reason apart from this crazy peri menapausal body. I couldn't go last week but the scales are down slightly as of this morning. I am getting a period every 3 weeks but it last for a week to 10 days. I have read lots of information about menapause so I think this is very normal but I need to get it checked. Something I am putting off. I have made myself accountable now to go and make an appointment.

Nikki got some bad news yesterday. Her job at Boost was a christmas casual job. She reckons she was told when she went for the interview but she didn't tell me. It was quite a shock. Surely after all the training she has had they could keep her on for 1 shift a week?? They told her they were very impressed with her and they want her to fill in if needed so that's something I guess. She needs to get another job because she has a phone to pay for.

Ashleigh and Jarryd spent a week at Steve's parents in Kadina. Steve's dad hasn't been too good so I think it gave him something else to think about having them there. They didn't take any computers or consoles. Just DVD's and lots of fresh air. Love it!!

Back to school for them all next Monday. I can't believe how quick the holidays have gone. Next ones will coincide with Easter in late April.

It's been an incredible few weeks here in Australia with all the flooding. I have family in Brisbane but no one was affected. A few blogger and facebook friends were in the areas and it would have been just devistating. Now the water is making it's way all the way down to our rivers in S.A. So hopefully by the time it gets here it can do some good instead of the devistation it has caused in so many areas.

My decluttering has continued. My computer has been shutting down and I suspected it was overheating. I had no idea of the crap at the back of the computer desk until I got at the back to clear the area. Years of paperwork and crap that had fallen down the back. I wish I had taken a photo because it was disgusting :( Bad me!! Just one of those jobs you never get to because you can't see it. Anyway it is all cleared and vacuumed. And the computer box cleaned and dusted. Guess what!! No problem since. Touch wood - haha.

My job for this week is to take down the christmas tree!!!

Be back tomorrow with my result.



Chris H said...

OOOO I hope you take before and after photos of the new room!
Our kids go back to school next week on Thursday... I can't wait.

Tania said...

Oh i've seen you since this update but didn't get to ask - how did you go taking the Christmas tree down? If you have any more problems with the computer feel free to send it my way, Michael won't mind having a look for you!

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