Sunday, January 09, 2011

Weekend Update

You can sort of see what I have done today. Still have to move the bricks but it got too hot.

The house that has sprung up next door. We need higher fences.

Blogger will put these photos where it wants but you can work out the before and after photos.
The concrete is about to be laid for our new room. We don't have that much more to do. Moving pavers and taking down the pergola. The concreter reckons he can get the stump out with his bobcat. I hope it's a big bobcat. If you look at the before photo with the tree still there and the birdcage and the current view, we have come a long way.
Luckily we have a street behind us so the bobcat will have to come through the back fence. That's what I have been doing today. The cubbyhouse used to be in the corner I cleared today and there was a lot of little bits of old toys and rubbish still to remove.
We had a great night last night. A really good friend of mine had a yiros night. Gary buys the yummiest lamb and chicken yiros meat and everyone adds what they want. He made his own tzatziki. Good company and good food. Some of Karen's friends make the best desserts. The choices were pavlova, cheesecake with a hot caramel sauce, a selection of chocolate pieces, my evil bounty balls and a plate of fruit. I had a piece of pav, 3 bounty balls and lots of fresh fruit. Definitely dipped into my weekly points but hey that's what they are for. The kids ranged from 18 - 9. Jarryd was the youngest. Nikki and Karen's son entertained us with guitar and ukeleles. Their house backs onto a creek with lots of ducks. A playground and park so we didn't see much of the kids.
I am off for a walk with Martine and Sandy tonight along the beach. Unfortunately the 4th member of our ww group Tania couldn't make it. It will be a lovely night for a walk. Something I still am not doing enough of. The paper run starts again Wednesday night so I will be back into it again.
So Tuesday night will be interesting. I can honestly say I have tracked all week. I have used maybe 1/2 of my weekly points but I didn't track them because most of them were used last night while I was out. Not sure how to point bounty balls!!
Hope your sunday is a good one. Please leave a comment if you visit. Very few of you do. I would love to see if there are any lurkers out there or just regular readers. I always wonder if my blog is interesting to read but I know there are lots of different readers from around the world because of the location tracker.


Bec's Adventure said...

The photo's look great and just think of all the extra bonus points. I love reading your blog. I find it inspiring and interesting and you sound like such an amazing Mum and wife. Good luck with your weigh in this week :)

Bec's Adventure said...
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Tania said...

Wow you are making great progress, I will have to pop in for a visit to have a look at the new addition when you finish it.

Well done on tracking for the week i'm sure you'll be rewarded with a good loss on Tuesday night.

Hope the weather wasn't too hot for your walk tonight, sorry I couldn't make it, guilt set in about what I "should" be doing!

Chris H said...

You are doing well with that.
As for comments... I have (on average) about 400 hits on my blog EVERY DAY... but only a tiny fraction leave a comment. It's just how it is mate.

Jill said...

wow looks great tania. way to go for being on track. keep up the great work

Sarah Korol said...

Great work on the backyard reno - it will be totally worth all the sweat when it's done!

I get only a few comments on my blog too - but I know lots of people read it; it seems to be how life as a blogger often is - unremarked upon! I always enjoy reading your blog though even if I don't comment every time! :)