Saturday, March 10, 2007

Long Weekend of Fun

It's Adelaide Cup weekend here and it's also Jarryd's birthday. We have a very full weekend. Today it was Jarryd's family party. Just with family I think there were about 10 adults and 12 kids. We had a wonderful day and because it was 38 deg, the kids all went in the pool and spa. It was wonderful. I didn't have to organize any games or think of things to entertain the kids. We did play pass the parcel though. I think that is mandatory at any kids party. He was very spoilt as usual. We are giving him a nintendo ds on Monday (his actual birthday) so he got mostly money to go towards a couple of games I have bought. The games alone are $40 - $70 each.

Tomorrow I will be going to the market in the morning and then meeting a friend for coffee and a beach walk. It's going to be cooler so it will be nice to walk along the beach tomorrow. Then a blogger friend Tania is having a birthday party for her little man who is turning 1. How is that possible Tania? 1 whole year already.

Then Monday Jarryd is having a Hungry Jack's party for his school friends. So it's a real party weekend.

My weigh in today was interesting. I stayed exactly the same!! I guess I will look at it as maintaining because I really made a couple of bad choices this week. But I also backed it up with healthy eating most of the time so I guess that's ok. At least I didn't put on.

Ashleigh got back from camp yesterday. It was so good to see her. I was really surprised how much I missed her. She had a wonderful time doing some fantastic activities like yabby fishing, exploring caves, going for a boat ride and wombat and kangaroo hunting in the dark. She didn't have a shower the whole time she was away (3 days) and didn't brush her hair at all. So I threw her in the shower when she got home and washed her hair - lol. She also managed to lose a pair of sandshoes. Luckily they were an old pair that they had to take that probably would have got really dirty. I'm sure they will turn up next week when all the lost property is brought back from the camp.

Nikki's ankle still isn't 100%. She played netball last night because they only had 5. 6 with her. But she probably shouldn't have played. I strapped it up but she was really restricted with her running and dodging.

I have made the decision to work Fridays. I was only working 26 hours a week and always had Friday's off but unfortunately our budget is blowing out every week with all the extras like school camps, rates, Jarryd's birthday, Jarryd's swimming and the list goes on and on. Steve is working so much extra just to get a half decent wage. Oh the life of a mechanic. The pay is crap. So with me working school hours on a Friday it will take it up to around 32 hours a week and an extra $100 a week in our pocket. My boss has been great and is very happy for me to work extra hours so I am very lucky to work in a place that is so flexable. There are 3 of us part time girls there and we all work the hours we want. There aren't too many places that are so flexable for us working mums so I am very lucky. It also helps that everyone there gets on really well and most of the time it is a great place to be.

I have to leave you with a comment that Ashleigh came out with tonight at the dinner table. She said.........
'Mummy when I am 18, I am going to have a boobjob!!!'
What the??????
What was she watching on TV that put that idea into her head? - lol. I told her that god might bless her with really big boobs so she will just have to wait and see. She is 8!!!!!


jill said...

What a fun packed weekend Tina, seeing that birthday cake with 6 on it got me a bit scared my Mikayla is 6 in May she wants a DS for her birthday too. I thought she might of been to young but maybe not.

i understand your wage drama with your hubby as a mechanic my hubby is one but before we had the girls we bought our own truck we just could not of lived off a mechanics wage, I think it is terrible how poorly they get paid , hey there fixing things that could possible save someone from an accident if ther was problems withthe car. Well enjoy the rest of your weekend sounds like you will. Oh and i love that view you have when you walk, and your pool everytime i see it i want one .

Chris H said...

What an action packed weekend! Have fun. A boob job! Now that is funny... and sad too. What our kids are exposed to nowdays is scary... isn't it bad enough with drugs/boys/fast cars... without them getting influenced about bloody boobjobs etc! Lucky she is only 8 and probably doesn't really understand?

Tania said...

Happy Birthday Jarryd!!! Hope you had another great party today :-)

Wow Tina, just reading about your weekend made me tired, but then I was probably already tired from all the setup and cleaning for Lachlan's birthday party - got to love long weekends!

I was surprised to read that you were going back to working 5 days a week, but I can understand it too of course and I can so relate about how lucky we are to have bosses who are flexible with our working hours!

Lol @ Ashleigh wanting a boob job -i'd hate to think what she's going to come out with when she's 10!

Well done on staying the same this week, i'm determined to get things back on track, i've used too many excuses of late but no more!!!!