Monday, March 26, 2007

An Update at Last

We had such a busy weekend, I didn't even get a chance to get on the computer. Saturday was a perfect day. Not too hot and not too cold. The sun was shining so I decided to take the kids to the International Kite Fesitval at Semaphore. We drove down to our local beach with the bikes and scooters and we walked the 20 minute walk to Semaphore beach where the festival was being held. The only thing was it was really windy. Great for kite flying but not so good for riding bikes and scooters. The kids whinged most of the way which I ignored and told them they would get blown home on our way back. It was a fantastic afternoon.

Saturday night was a friend's surprise birthday party. It was his birthday last weekend but he was working in Perth and didn't get back in time so it was postponed a week. Because his birthday is on St Patricks day, the theme was green. Green everything including a very potent green punch. Not sure what was in it but it was very nice.

Sunday I was up early again to do the fruit and veg shopping at the markets and then some friends dropped in for a coffee mid morning. After lunch we took my mum to the airport. She's off to Canberra for a week for a very well deserved holiday. We worked out that she hadn't had a holiday in nearly 4 years. Mainly because my dad was so sick for 2 years before he passed away and then she just couldn't get away. So she is having a well deserved break.

Then we went to catch up with my best friend Lee who is over from Melbourne for her mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. It was so good to see her and her family. We don't get to see each other very often so we had so much to catch up on.

I had a bad weigh in this week. I put on 400g which was very expected. I haven't had a good week. I hate using the excuse TTOM, but I just crave sugar so much the week before. There is definitely a pattern. So back into it again as of NOW. It's only just over 27 weeks until we get on the plane for Qld.

Speaking of our Qld holiday, I have just finished booking the airfares. I wasn't going to do it for a few more months to see if I could get some cheaper fares but because we are going in the school holidays and we wanted a direct flight to Cairns, I really didn't want to miss out. Then I was checking the fares of the return flights from the Gold Coast and Jetstar have $99 fares from the Gold Coast to Adelaide. I really don't think I will get them much cheaper than that so they are now all booked. How exciting!!!

Steve had his head shaved on Friday to raise money for leukemia. He normally has a number 1 or 2 anyway but it was a bit of a shock to see him bald - lol. He did manage to raise a fair bit of money so I am very proud of him.

Daylight saving finished yesterday and I think I am in mourning. The nights are already getting colder and we have had our jackets out the last couple of nights and now losing that hour of daylight at night is very sad. I hate winter. I am definitely a summer person. I'll have to try and walk as soon as I get home from picking the kids up from school instead of after tea. It's going to be hard on the days I work all day. Let's hope we have some nice Autumn days so I can get out and walk as much as possible.


Kate said...

Bugga about the gain Tina. You'll be right. back on track, I know how you're feeling!

Kate xx

jill said...

wow you had a busy little weekend. the gain isn't to bad at least you know it wont take that long to get off. the kites look great. I love winter i love getting warm i know crazy catch up soon

Tania said...

Don't you just hate the end of daylight savings? Always seems to come around so quickly!

Those gains are annoying aren't they, but just think about the loss you're going to have next week and how fabulous you'll look in Queensland :-)

Look forward to catching up with you on Sunday - will email you re time soon.