Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy birthday Kelly

We had a lovely day today. It was my neice Kelly's 18th birthday yesterday and we had a family lunch together at a hotel and then back to their house for cake. My kids were fascinated with Kelly's pet lizard. I think Ashleigh would like one!!
It's so hard to believe that my niece is 18. Where did that time go?? It's like the saying goes 'Blink of an eye' How true.
Another busy week here in the Lehmann house. Had a bit of a reprieve from the sport last night because the temperature got to 40 here yesterday and Ashleigh's cricket was cancelled. Nikki would have had netball but she sprained her ankle at school and was in a lot of pain so no netball. I was very annoyed because it wasn't cancelled due to the heat. They apparently put the games back by 1/2 an hour. Big deal!!! It's ridiculous to expect kids that age to be playing in 40 deg heat on an asphalt netball court in the full sun. So much for their heat policy. It's because they have already cancelled a couple of games this summer due to the heat and their programme is now too far behind. I'm not sure how long Nikki will be out of action. Her ankle is still very sore today so I'll see how she goes by Monday.
I had another good loss this week. I lost 1.4 kgs. I had a great week with eating and exercise. Things are definitely starting to click. I have kept up the walking 5 times a week and I actually enjoy going out each night now. Especially when I do the beach walk.
Ashleigh is going on camp on Wednesday. She is so excited. Tomorrow is packing and labelling clothes day. I also need to get her a new pair of sandshoes because they need to take and old pair and another pair. Her sandshoes she is wearing now are just about worn out so I don't care if they get trashed. Sounds like there will be lots of outdoor dirty activities like yabby fishing, going into caves and walking through riverbeds so I'm sure it's going to be a very busy time for her.
Jarryd is counting down the days until his 6th birthday. Only 9 more sleeps now. We are having a family party next Saturday and then his school friends party on Monday. It's a public holiday here for Adelaide Cup on his birthday so that worked out well.
I'm off to bed because I have to get up at 6am tomorrow to go to the market. Steve is playing golf and I need to be back before he goes. Thanks for everyone's comments lately. It's great to have so much support and to meet new friends here in blogland.


Chris H said...

Hi! Just found your blog via another's... hey a loss of 1.4 this week was fantastic... do tell how? lol

Tania said...

Oh poor Nikki - I hope she's on the mend really soon. Sounds like you had a great time at the party, thanks for your message on my blog, will email you soon!

Tania said...

Oh and congratulations on yet another brilliant loss - there's no stopping you now, I can just picture that stunning Tina soaking up the sun in Queensland.

LisaB said...

Hi Tina,
sounds like a good weekend!
Congratulations on that huge loss! You must be wrapt.

CaramelKitKat said...

Oh, how exciting is camp??! All the mischief and thinking the teachers never knew what you were up to. You're going to have one tired kid once it's all over!

jill said...

way to go tina what a great loss, you are doing great.

I wish we had a greaat fruit and vegie market like yours near me.

I hope Nikki's ankle reapirs soon.

Ali said...

what an excellent loss, well done.

That lizard looks so cute!

AM said...

Love the lizard! I used to have an iguana but then the whole salmonella scare came around and my mom made me give it away.

Jadey 0:-) said...

I love market shopping. There's nothing all that close to me here that's any good. (food wise) but in Sydney there are 2 Organic and Farmers Markets within 5 minutes of home! Too brilliant.