Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Fun Weekend

Well another weekend has come and gone. And I didn't win lotto so it's back to work tomorrow. We have had a very busy weekend and this is the first chance I have had to get on the computer to update. Thanks Tania for the reminder!!

Firstly and most importantly I lost another 500g this week. Things are still going very well with my food planner and I feel a sense of freedom that everything is already written down for the week and I don't have to track. I know the points plan works for me but I hate tracking so following my own weekly plan is working well.

As you can see from the photos, the kids spent another weekend in the pool. We sure have got our money's worth this summer. I can't remember a weekend the kids haven't been in it. I thought I would post the other photo to show the view I have when I sit under the pergola and watch the kids. I love our outdoor area and spend lots of time out there, watching the kids or reading the paper in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Today I went for a huge walk with the kids. I walked to the beach, Nikki was on the rollerblades, Ashleigh on her bike and Jarryd was on his scooter. It took us about 20 minutes to walk there and then we met a friend and her girls and we walked another 20 minutes to another playground along the coast. Coincidently, there was a kiosk where Karen and I had a coffee while the kids played on the playground. Then we went down on the beach and the kids had a swim. It was a perfect day but a bit windy so we only stayed down there for about 1/2 hour. Then we had to walk all the way back, but the kids were fantastic. No whinging that they were tired at all so it made it a very enjoyable day.

I am still market shopping every Sunday morning. On average I spend about $20 - $25 and bring home a huge trolley of fresh fruit and vegetables. I love the atmosphere and all the market gardners are very friendly. And I am finding everything keeps for so much longer if the kids don't get to it first.

Jarryd is very excited and counting down the days until his birthday. He turns 6 on March 12th and he is having a Hungry Jacks party this year. We have had home parties every year so far and this is what he asked for this year. It is usually a much cheaper option than the home parties and with no mess for me to clean up so I'm happy too. I can't believe my baby is about to turn 6. I would like to keep him 5 forever. I love that age.

I had a lovely surprise last week when I went to pay for Ashleigh's dancing. She got a trophy last year for dancing and when I went to pay, they told me she is free for this year because the trophy comes with a scholarship. How good is that!! Dancing keeps me poor not only with the fees and the costumes but both girls have grown out of their tap shoes again this year. Lucky we can hand one of them onto the other but new tap shoes are around $60.

It's warming up again here this week. Supposed to be 40 again by Friday but I'm not complaining. I love the hot weather and am dreading winter. The days are already starting to get shorter and we only have 1 month left of daylight saving. I love walking around 7.30pm but that will have to change soon when we run out of daylight at that time of night.

And it's only 32 weeks until we go to Queensland so I guess I can handle a winter because after that it's holiday time - Yahoo!!!!


CaramelKitKat said...

Well done on another loss! Already this year time is flying and before you know it months will have passed and all those 500g losses will hanve really added up.

Your pool looks so inviting! The only pool I have ever seen used enough to make it worth the money and space was in SA, at the boy's aunty and uncle's in Whyalla. While the sun's up it's their two grandchildren and after it goes down it's their younger children, with girls, often without clothes, hehe.

Have a great week Tina!

Kate said...

Great loss Tina, you're doing sooo well! Keep up all that great work!

Oh, and can I come and swim in your pool too?

Kate xx

lisa jane said...

lovely pool! I love love love a good pool :)

AM said...

the pool looks great! I love the clay colored tile/cement around it.

Jayess62 said...

Your outdoor area looks lovely and inviting. We live in Qld and don't have a pool, and I would never have considered one when I lived down south. You have got alot of use out of it this year, that's great, to see the kids enjoying it. Congratulations on another the time Qld comes you will be a new you!! My baby turns six this year too, so I understand where you are at.......

Livy said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for visiting me at my blog. Your pool looks beautiful. Good on you for doing all that walking. How wonderful your lifestyle sounds! I am looking forward to getting to know you better.