Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Sad Doggie

Bonnie had her operation today and she came through very well. I'm sure she coped better than we did. The vet said the lump is 99% likely to be cancer unfortunately but they are hopeful they got it all. We were given the option to get it analysed but we had already spent nearly $400 and it was going to be another $100 to get it tested. There really is no point because like the vet has told us she is a 13 year old dog and if it has spread, they won't do anything anyway. And we wouldn't put her through it. She is still very active and has come through the operation with flying colours. She's walking ok and is eating so she'll be fine. We just have to keep a close watch on her and pray no more lumps appear.

As you can see from the photo, Nikki has set up camp on the family room floor and is sleeping with her tonight. There was no way I could talk her out of it. She is normally an outside dog, but the vet wants her inside for a few days so the wound doesn't get infected.

In other news, Jarryd had his first swimming lesson on Tuesday. He has been using a floatie ring in our pool and is quite confident in that, but the time had come for swimming lessons. Don't you get slack with each child. Both the girls had swimming lessons before they were 5 but Jarryd has been very scared of the water until now and I wasn't going to waste my money until he was ready. Anyway, he got out of the pool after the lesson and asked if he could come again the next day. So I guess he enjoyed it.

I am on track for a good weigh in on Saturday. My food has been on track and I have exercised 3 days out of 5 this week. I feel very positive about how things are going. I am eating heaps of fresh fruit instead of processed snacks which I feel passionate about. There is lots of talk in blogland about this subject and I am enjoying reading a few blogs who are eating this way so I can get some ideas. Lisa Jane, I am going to pinch some of your recipies so keep them coming.

Out of my 3 children, Nikki has always been my worst eater. She only used to eat apple until I got her to try mango which she loved. She also only eats potato, carrots and corn and refused to try anything else. My other 2 eat heaps of fruit and vegetables, but I guess you always get 1 in a family that is a fussy eater. She takes after her father. I have been talking a lot to my kids about healthy eating and I think it is slowly starting to sink in. I made a fruit platter the other day and I asked Nikki to pick something on it that she would try. She has tried watermelon and strawberries and hates them. Can you believe that???? Anyway she reluctantly tried a grape and guess what - she loved it. So much so that she has been packing grapes in her lunchbox every day this week. I think it's starting to sink in at last. Though I wasn't very impressed that our food bill was $250 this week!!! Healthy eating does come at a cost, but hey I'm not complaining. Much!!!


lisa jane said...

poor doggy, he does look sad.They always look so funny with those bucket things on their heads.

It does feel great to eat less processed foods.Haydn bought home some icky sticky nturi grain bars that had been reduced yesterday and I had half one and thought it was disgusting.You couldnt taste an ounce of real food in them,i cant believe that we regualarly used to consume things that now make me feel queasy.Needless to say i told him not to botehr bringing any more home.

I will keep up the recipes, I always forget ;)

Ali said...

Awww *hugs* to your poor puppy dog. Here's hoping that they got it all.

Congrats for all the hard work with your kids, you're setting them up for a wonderful life. I'm a fussy eater myself, and sometimes I wonder how much fo it is all in my head....