Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Week

This is our newest project. Our gorgeous new built in robes. This photo doesn't do them justice. Because we have an old house and the rooms are so big, these robes are bigger than they look in the photo. Also the ceilings are very high and the robes go nearly to the top. I wish I had taken a before photo of all the clutter in the room to show the difference. So a fair part of today was putting everything into the robes. It's amazing how much room we have and how many old clothes I found that I had forgotten about.

This week sure seems to have flown. The kids are right back into the school routine now with homework each night and trying to fit sport and activities in as well. Ashleigh bought home a note this week. She wants to play the violin!!! And Nikki wants to be in the school choir so I guess that is going to be something else to fit into the schedule. I think these things are done in school hours so they should be able to fit them in.

Bonnie is doing well. She still has the collar on her head which I am glad of because she is doing her best to scratch those stitches. They must be very itchy by now. Her wound is healing nicely and the stitches are coming out on Thursday. She is running around like normal so I'm praying that they have got all the cancer and we don't see any more lumps appear. She has managed to put a tear in the plastic collar so I just hope it stays in one piece for another 5 days.

I weighed in this morning to a 1.2 kg loss. I am totally in control of my eating which I feel great about. I have only managed to exercise about 4 times this week so I hope to improve on that next week. Counting down the weeks until our Qld holiday - 34 weeks to go. I'm going to make sure I give it a huge go at losing 30 kgs before then. I have now lost 3.9 kgs since 1st January. Had one week that set me back, but heading in the right direction now.

I got an email from Virgin today announcing a 3 day sale of certain flights. I jumped straight on the website and booked my weekend to Melbourne in May. I got the lowest fares I have ever had at $48 each way. I just hope I can get some really cheap airfares to Cairns when the October sale comes out. It sure pays to get emails from the airlines because I haven't seen this latest sale advertised anywhere yet. It sure pays to get in early.

I'm getting up very early in the morning because a friend is picking me up at 7.30am (on a Sunday - yuk) to go to the Torrens Island markets. I have never been before but it is a market for fresh fruit and vegetables that are so much cheaper and fresher than the supermarkets. Our food bills have risen so much with all the healthy eating so I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can save by buying from the markets.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Jessica said...

Oh, I love your closets, really swanky. ;)

Tania said...

What lovely robes Tina! Congratulations on yet another big loss, if you'd be willing to share I would really love to see your tracker. Let me know what you think about the markets, i'm looking to save money on our shopping bill anywhere we can these days. Glad to hear all is well with Bonnie, I bet you're starting to feel like you and the kids were never on holidays. Look forward to catching up with you next weekend.

lisa jane said...

It sounds like you have much to look forward too :)

wish i was going to the markets too :( but we are saving this week :(((((

I missed u at chat last night,must hav come to early,but a girl needs her beauty sleep.

lovely loss by the way!!!

Leighanne said...

Great loss...hope you are having a great time at the markets:)

Lulu said...

thats beautiful

Kate said...

Ooops! Just realised I forgot to comment! I know I chatted to you though, so don't feel as bad!

Wonderful loss darl! Keep up that great work you're doing! How did you go at the markets? Was it cheaper in the end?

Kate xx

Pauline said...
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Pauline said...

Well done on such a great loss Tina - certainly heading in the right direction.
Robes look great - must find out who you used when I am ready to get some in our place.
Hope the markets were good and you picked up some bargains.
Working so close to the central market I tend to do some vegie shopping there.

M said...

Well done on your loss Tina. That is fantastic. All that moving around of stuff certainly does help.

Oooh I love the wardrobe and I know exactly what you mean about the high ceilings and big rooms. Do your ceilings have the roses in them as well?

Hope you survived the heat :)