Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tooth Fairy is Visiting Tonight

Yes Jarryd lost his second tooth today. He is getting to be quite an expert. The first one was hanging before it finally came out but this one wasn't that loose during the week. He has been wobbling it for about 3 days and pulled it out all by himself today.
I weighed in this morning and lost another 800g this week. Another good week of tracking and exercising. I also had lunch and dinner out yesterday and made some very good choices.
I went to a thai restaurant for lunch yesterday with one of my bestest friends. I had a yummy thai chicken salad and enjoyed every mouthful. I wish I could replicate the flavours in my own kitchen. Somehow they never taste as good. I could live on thai salads. They are my absolute favourite restaurant meal. Then last night, Steve, myself and the kids went to Fasta Pasta for tea. Nikki and Ashleigh usually have sport on a Friday night but they were both cancelled due to the hot weather. Usually Friday nights are takeaway because we are always running between sports so it was nice to have a family meal together somewhere different to Maccas or KFC.
And today for lunch I caught up with a fellow blogger Tania for lunch at a Tavern on the marina at North Haven. I wish I had taken my camera because it was just the perfect setting looking out over the marina. I had honey prawns in chilli noodles and it was very nice. Tania has a 1 year old son who has similar allergies to Jarryd but her son Lachlan has a wheat allergy as well which would be a hard one. Tania was telling me about the bread she buys that is $6 a loaf with no wheat in it. Hopefully he will grow out of his allergies very soon.
I must remember to take the camera when I eat out because I enjoy looking at everyone else's photos of their food. It's funny I've eaten out 3 times in the last 2 days which is very rare for me apart from our Friday takeaway.
We are off to a housewarming party this afternoon in the 40 deg heat. I hope she has air conditioning. I'm sure it was going to be an outside party because she has a huge backyard but I hope we won't be sitting outside in the heat.
Steve has done a fantastic job of vacuming the pool this afternoon so I am really looking forward to getting in the pool and spa when we get home. It's supposed to be 40 again tomorrow and then a cool change?? back to 33 on Monday and staying in the mid to high 30's all week. I guess February is usually the hottest month here in Adelaide.


Pauline said...

The tavern at North Haven is delightful Tina - Peter, Dale and I went there for a meal last Saturday night. Previously when we have been we have walked around the jetty - it is a delightful area - and the best part is they have a formal dining area as well as a large area for those want to have a cheaper area and both over look the marina.
Great stuff on continuing on with your weight loss.

Linda said...

He is so gorgeous. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Your son's gonna be a heartbreaker! What a beautiful boy.

jill said...

Hi tina your pool looks great. guess what i finally posted again, i have a question on there i would love your opionion on it thanks jill