Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wedding Photos

The happy couple :)

I don't think we have changed a bit in 12 years. Maybe Steve's hair has a bit!!

Looking back, this photo has so much meaning. Steve is shaking my dad's hand. I love the look on Steve's face. He looks so proud. My dad is no longer with us so this is a very special photo. Steve's dad is on the other side of Steve.

This is my neice on the left who is about to turn 18 and my best friend's daughter who is 20 this year. That makes me feel old.
After discovering our wedding album this afternoon, I thought I would post some photos for fun. Sorry about the numbers on the photos. They are out of the sample album we got. I have no idea what I weighed when I got married but I would have been at least 20 kgs lighter.


dfkkfds said...

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M said...

Hi Tina. I bumped into your blog when I was reading Katey's and putting in my suburb. Which is Waverton, NSW, but I used to live in Largs Bay and my parents still do.

I just wanted to say hi. And great wedding photos.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

Leighanne said...

What a great loss!!!
ahhh I love looking at wedding pic's:)
Have a great weekend:)

lisa jane said...

You are so girly in those photos.tell me miss tina are you a girly girl?

Kate said...

YAY for the 2.2kgs! You're on fire... giving maccas the arse for some sushi sounds like a plan!

You look beautiful in those wedding pics... sorry proofs!! ;)

Tania said...

Love your wedding photos Tina ... I agree, you haven't changed much at all! Tell Jarryd I hope the tooth fairy took good care of him, I so can't wait for those special moments in Lachlan's life! Sent you an email this morning, looking forward to catching up.

M said...

Hi Tina. Used to live in Alexander St (between the Esplanade and Military Rd). My parents owned and ran the Largs Bay Kiosk - opposite the Pier Hotel - until last December when they sold it.

I used to work there on weekends so may have served you fish and chips at one time :)

But luckily I am away from that temptation now LOL

M said...

WOW. That is close. I might give you my email address so that we don't have to jump from post to post to follow a conversation LOL. It is margaret dot ev at gmail dot com. Maybe at the end of the year (I normally go to Adelaide at Christmas) we could plan to meet up. You don't have to and my folks would have moved by then too but if you are up for it we could meet up at the Kiosk for a coffee / drink..

Such a small big world isn't it :D

Barina said...

Great wedding pics! I was at and saw your comment and decided to check out your blog. My blog is and I am the blogger that Mae featured as Frankie Goes To Hong Kong. Check it out is you have time. I enjoyed my visit here and will return!

Mae Midwest said...

HELLO! Got your post on my blog. I will visit often. Thanks for letting me know you were out there.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous photos! You guys both look so happy, what wonderful memories you must have. Of course, that's just one day along the journey, right? I hope you both still find lots of happiness in your life together.