Monday, June 18, 2007

Ashleigh's 9th Birthday

My baby turned 9 last Thursday. I can't believe where that time has gone. I was 8 months pregnant with her when we moved into this house so we have been here for 9 years now.

We had a family lunch for her on Saturday and then her school friend's slumber party on Saturday night.

It was such a busy few days leading up to it. I realize why it's so much easier to do a Macca's party because there was so much work and we spent so much money. I think I spent about $200 all up for both parties, which I think is too much but then I read a report in our Sunday mail this weekend about how some parents spend up to $2000 on their kids parties. How ridiculous!!

Then yesterday Ashleigh had another party to go to - her best friend Olivia who is in the pink standing next to Nikki (in the white top with the hood)

I was talking to Olivia's mum and she told me Olivia was also invited to another slumber party on the Friday night and the kids all slept outside in tents!!! I was in shock. Thank goodness Ashleigh didn't get invited. I would have been furious if she had slept in a tent on a freezing cold winter's night. How stupid are some people!!!!

After Ashleigh came home from her party, I took the girls to K-Mart because they had a 4 day special on where you buy one pair of footwear and get the 2nd pair for 70% off. Nikki got a very classy pair of brown boots with a heel and I got Ashleigh a pair for $9. How good is that. They would have been $30.

Then we went to the football to see Port play Essendon. We are all Port supporters and Steve goes for Essendon. Port won and Steve has lost his voice from yelling so much. It was a 4pm game and it was sooooo cold. The days have been around 12-13 degrees here in Adelaide and it got so cold because it was a twilight game. I had on about 4 layers and we took our blankies, beanies and scarves and I still was cold. Lucky we won. Yahoo!!!!


crankybee said...

Hey chick, hows the counselling going? Have been thinking of you!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh that's so cold. I won't complain of the cold again lol......

Your daughter's birthday party looks like a alot of fun.

msypea06 said...

You're a lovely mummy Tina. Lucky kids! Looking forward to seeing your garden makeover too. XXOO

Chris H said...

HOw cute.... but.... I see 9 year old girls and think....4 more years before the hormones really hit and then LOOK OUT!!! I must have had too many girls me thinks!!! come to think of it, I've had too many boys as well.. damn! Enjoy ya kids cos they don't stay small and nice for long.

Tania said...

Lol ... poor Steve! I don't imagine that trip to the footy was one he'd want to repeat in a hurry!

Glad to hear Ashleigh's birthday was such a success - it does get expensive doesn't it? I know I went all out for Lachlan's 1st but I stopped counting when I realised it cost me in excess of $600! I'd like to think he wouldn't be having too many extravagant parties like that in his lifestyle!

I'm with you regarding the sleeping in tents thing - the weather has been rediculously cold this winter - even more so for you no doubt being so close to the beach, makes you appreciate summer doesn't it?