Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Hate Winter

We are all sick in this house.

It started with Jarryd a week ago when he developed a croupy cough. I increased his asthma puffers and thankfully it didn't develop into anything much. On Monday Nikki was home from school with a headache and cough. She felt better by Tuesday to go back to school but it developed into a cold and fever and she was off school again on Friday. Now I have a very stuffy nose and a cough which won't go away. But mummies can't get sick. We just have to soldier on. Now Ashleigh has started coughing tonight.

Now get this. We went to the football last Sunday night and Steve was screaming and yelling so much for his team that by Monday he had lost his voice. That was all that was wrong but being a sook, he went to the doctor on Tuesday and got 2 days off work!!!!

I had a very busy day today. Jarryd had soccer this morning and then myself and a friend of mine, Diana took our mums out to lunch which was lovely. We have done this a few times now and it is really nice to escape for a couple of hours and catch up with a good friend and our mums without the kids. Pity we went to a hotel where a couple of families were having kids parties so it was rather noisey.

Then when I got home, I did a job that I have been putting off for weeks. Cleaning up Jarryd's room. He is a hoarder like his father and he had so much crap that needing putting away or throwing out. I should have taken a before and after photo because it looks fantastic now.

Tomorrow I want to spend a couple of hours in our front yard. Slowly but surely I am making a dent in the weeds and overgrown plants. I'll take another photo. Then we are taking the kids to see Shrek 3. I have heard from a few people that it's not as good as 1 & 2, but the kids can't wait to see it.

So once again, another busy weekend. Oh for a weekend doing NOTHING!!!!!!

I hope everyone in blogland is having a great weekend.


Chris H said...

Winter sucks when it comes to eveyone getting colds etc... hope your lot are on the mend, lol about getting days off work cos you can't speak! I am sooo looking forward to seeing your front yard again... weed free even! Have fun doing it! NOT

lisa jane said...

ugh sick children! :-( xoxoxo Hope everyone gets better soon.

Tania said...

Lol @ mummies not being allowed to get sick, no one warned me about that one! I know what you mean though about all getting sick - we've been bouncing our bugs back and forth between the 3 of us in this house all week - I came home sick on Monday and then had Thursday off as well. We even had to cancel parties that we were supposed to go to yesterday and again today - i'm better but Michael and Lachlan are still sick!

Hope you enjoyed Shrek - we saw it last weekend for my birthday and I LOVED it, but maybe that had something to do with watching it in Gold Class!

Hope you made some progress in the garden, look forward to seeing updated photos.