Monday, June 18, 2007

How cool are these little teacups we made. So simple and very popular. The kids helped me and we made them in no time.

The Bratz outfit Ashleigh is wearing was a present from us along with her nintendo ds. She was very spoilt.


Kym's Challenge said...

Tea cups look great, can you tell us how you made them, I'm thinking tic toc biscuits marshmallows etc.?

Tina said...

They are so easy Kym. You are right. Tic toc biscuits, marshmallows, freckles and 1/2 a lifesaver for the handles. Melt some white chocolate and stick it all together.

I've been meaning to ask you - do you have a blog?

lisa jane said...

those tea pots are adorable :-)
I have a little lady with a birthday looming too.
Great job mummy!

AM said...

I thought they were cupcakes! Very creative and cute!