Monday, June 11, 2007

Frontyard Blitz

This is our very overgrown front yard that I mentioned that we are making over a couple of weeks ago. These are the before photos and I will put up progress photos as the makeover comes along. It will be a long and slow process because I don't intend to pay to get rid of garden waste. We have 2 garden waste bins that get emptied every fortnight to I fully intend to fill these bins every fortnight.

And as anyone knows who does weeding, it's hard work and very good exercise.


Chris H said...

Bloody hell, anything you do is going to be an improvement mate!!! What happened to ya mower??? DIE!!! Or did you decide that you were going to "make it over" so left it until you were ready to? I would have killed Stew if he's let the lawn get so long! I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing the improvements now! As I have no idea why ya front yard is so overgrown... I am not being critical, just OBSERVANT! lol

Tina said...

LOL Chris, that's not grass, it's soursobs. Do you have soursobs in NZ????

Can't mow over them, they have to be poisoned because you can never get rid of the bastards.

Jenny said...

soursobs, I thought that's what my kids did when they don't get their own way!!!

I am sure whatever you do will be an improvement. Look forward to seeing the updates. My dh stays on top of the yard so it looks good nearly all the time. I think I would get a lawnmower man if it got too bad.

Are you changing the layout of the garden and yard, or just cleaning up?

Your weekend away looked like lots of fun. I would love to spend time in the Barossa Valley. Did you taste many wines? Did you buy any?

Chris H said...

Phew! Glad you didn't take offense! As for Soursobs, NEVER heard of them!!! Quick, get out the poison then!!!

AM said...

Cute house. Looks like a Craftsman style house. But what do I know?

I guess I didnt realize that Australian homes would have the same architecture as US homes. Silly really that I thought that.

Tina said...

Am, our house is a 1920's gentleman's bungalow and there are heaps of older houses in our area. More old than new.

I love the older style houses with the high ceilings and huge rooms.

I should post some photos of the inside so show you, but I am a rather cluttered person so it's a bit embarrasing - lol

Chris H said...

Like hell am I going to motivate you to get painting.... you need to get weeding first !!!! lol

Linda said...

Hi and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Fluf is gorgeous. Have you checked out the Fluff web site? There are LOADS of recipe idea's.

I worked the points out to be only 0.5pt per tbs....not heaped