Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 Weeks to Go

First things first.

I lost 1.2 kgs this week taking the total to 7.9 kgs in 6 weeks.

I am so happy with tonight's loss. My scales are really playing up at home and I totally thought I hadn't lost anything this week. I am going to try very hard not to use my home scales. It does my head in.

I have finished all my christmas shopping and all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. I have not written one card though. Just can't be bothered. How bad is that? And the funny thing is that we have only received 1 card so far. I think everyone is in denial!!

I bought something off of ebay for my sister to give the kids and after 2 weeks it seems it has gone missing in the post. Luckily I insured it so I will get my money back but what a pain in the bum. It's a buzz game and buzzers for the PS2 and the bundle is around $100 new in the shops. I got this one for $40 so I doubt I will get another one so cheap.

School finishes here tomorrow and I have mixed feelings. I am happy the routine will stop for 6 weeks but it means when they go back next year my first born will be in grade 7 and I'm not ready to accept that yet - LOL!! They all got their reports yesterday and because the teachers have been involved in industrial action for a lot of this year they decided not to write any report summarys of the year in their reports. How bad is that?? A report card with ticks and nothing else. It's so impersonal and I think it's very bad on the teachers parts. I agree with what they are asking for but not writing end of year reports is absurd. They didn't have an end of year concert either for the 1st time in 8 years for us if you include kindy events. It doesn't feel right.

They also got their class placements and I was floored when Ashleigh came home and told me she is in the same class as the kid that has been bullying her all year. After discussing it with the principal today, we have decided to keep her there for the time being. There were 2 bullys and they have been seperated so hopefully that will make a difference. But I do agree that Ashleigh needs to learn how to stand up for herself so I am going to make this problem known to the new teacher and the school counsellor as soon as they go back to school next year.

She is actually feeling very positive about next year which is a good thing.

I'm counting the days until work finishes. 7.5 working days to go and then I am off until 5th January. It's not much but I am so looking forward to having a break from work and doing nothing.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Joanne said...

Well done on the loss! As for ebay, a lot of people get burnt at this time of year. I ordered a DVD and got ripped off a couple of years ago so I am much more careful about who I deal with now.
When are you coming to wrap my presents?

Tania said...

Congrats on your loss - you're doing fabulously! Enjoy your down time over the holidays, ever little bit helps, looking forward to catching up with you next weekend. Hope all settles down for Ashleigh at school next year.

samantha said...

Hi Tina

Well done girl! 1.2kks thats friggin awesome, imagine what we can buy in Thailand when we are skinny!!!! Take Care mate keep up the good work!


Cinders said...

Well done Tina - roll on holidays.

Pauline said...

Well done Tina - sorry to hear about your package not arriving from Ebay

J said...

Congratulations on getting your Christmas shopping finished! I'm so relieved to have finished all of mine!

xx Jess