Tuesday, December 30, 2008

400g Gain Over Christmas :(

Had a glorious beach day while we were away. I love the beach. Very rarely have holidays away from the water.

Steve's mum and dad bought the kids their table tennis table and Jarryd got a Ben 10 bike from Santa.

The only photo I have from Ashleigh's dancing concert. This outfit was for the Grease Lightning finale.

Well I bit the bullet and weighed in this morning. I gained 400g which is what I lost last week so back to pre christmas weight.

I'm not even disappointed. I enjoyed christmas and I haven't gone out of control. There were a couple of days where I couldn't stop eating the chocolate that was lying around but it's outa sight now and I don't even think about it.

It just goes to show I truly don't have any willpower. If tempting foods aren't around, I don't really think that much about them but have them where I can see them and they wear me down - LOL!!!

So New Years eve tomorrow night!! How did that happen??

I'm not making a new years resolution this year because I never stick to them. We have nothing planned which is fine. Last year it was 40 deg and we had so many people over it was crazy. This year it's going to be 24 ish. Our local beach has fireworks so that's where we will go. I think I partied too much over christmas so I really don't mind staying home this year. But you never know, it's still 36 hours away. Anything could happen.

We all got very spoilt on xmas day. Nikki got a ripstick and Ashleigh and Jarryd got bikes.
Steve was in charge of my present this year. I had no idea. I got a sandwich press and some outdoor solar hanging lights. I would have preferred jewellary - LOL!!!!!

So it's all over for another year. Back into healthy eating and exercise. Thanks to everyone for your motivation and support through this blog and the ww forums. I am feeling more positive about my weight loss than I have in years.
Have a fantastic new year's eve whatever you decide to do. See you in 2009


samantha said...

Hi Tina
Have a great night New Years Eve whatever you decide to do! You've done really well over christmas! look forward to seeing you in April


Cinders said...

What do u mean you'd prefer a piece of jewellery over a sandwich press? haha. Happy New Year Tina :)

Tania said...

Teach me for emailing you before checking to see if you updated your blog ... lol!

Glad you had a good Christmas mate and hope you're resting up - you deserve it.

I think it's time to stop being subtle and start circling pieces of jewellery in catalogues and leaving them lying around for Steve to see ... lol ... after all if you do that now he could put something on layby in the January sales and have it in time for your birthday :-) Worth a shot I say!

My New Years resolution is to make a dent in this weight loss (i'm not aiming for unrealistic expectations) just to be at least 20kgs smaller this time next year would make me happy - thanks for everything you've done to inspire me this year (it's more than you realise).

Jenny said...

Hope you enjoy New Years Eve, whatever you decide to do. Wishing you all the best for 2009. I'm like you, never make New Year Resolutions. I am always resolved to do the same things anyway, don't need a date on the calendar to spur me on.....

Glad you had a nice Christmas. I had to laugh at you jewellery comment.

Corin said...

Happy New Year Tina! I hope your year is filled w/peace and joy!

Anonymous said...

400gms over Christmas!! That's awesome!!
Hope you had a great NY ....

Vic said...


I am not back teaching till the 3rd of feb.. wohoo!!
But back at school tomorrow to do a few things and then Phil and I will go in and rearrange and put up my wall displays and some things I have brought.