Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Little Loss

I lost 600g this week taking the total to 6.7 kgs in 5 weeks.

I was a little surprised I only lost 600g this week because I have been very focussed and have not gone over my points in the 5 weeks I've been on this journey.

The only thing I noticed over the last couple of days is feeling very bloated and because TTOM is next Tuesday, I should be grateful that I had a loss this week. In fact this time last month I only lost 300g so I think that's going to be the pattern every 4 weeks.

I have my work christmas show this Saturday night and traditionally it has been a huge night of eating and drinking. We are going to a dinner and show package so there is 5 hours of drinking. I really think I will try and pace myself but I'm going to save lots of points so I can enjoy without feeling guilty.

I am planning on finishing my christmas shopping on Saturday morning. I'll get over to the shops when they open and shop til I finish. There is no way I want to go anywhere near the shops in the last couple of weeks before christmas apart from doing food shopping. I don't have too much else to do so hopefully it won't take me too long.

Ashleigh had her dancing end of year break up last night and came home with a lovely trophy. She did say towards the end of the dancing year that she didn't want to do it again next year which was fine by me. But after 4 weeks off, she is already missing it and she's saying she might do it again next year. Bugger!!!!! I was really looking forward to having a break.

We've had a traumatic couple of weeks with Ashleigh. She has had a couple of girls bullying her all year. Nothing too serious, niggling her and putting her down. I have tried to get her to stand up to them but she's just not that sort of kid. If it was Nikki there wouldn't be a problem but Ashleigh doesn't want to rock the boat.

Well on Tuesday night she came home and told me one of these girls had threatened to bash her up if she told me about them harassing her. Well, I did something I should have done months ago. I was on the phone to the school that quick, Ashleigh didn't have time to think about it. It was addressed very quickly and the girls were all brought together. Of course they denied it. But they have left Ashleigh alone for the last 2 days. Thank goodness there is only 1 week left of school. I have been assured they will not be in the same class next year.

We as a family have never had to address bullying. I can't believe how bitchy some girls are. From telling Ashleigh what she should and shouldn't be wearing to telling her how slow and crap she is at sports. She is picked on because she is too nice and wouldn't hurt a fly. I really do worry about the future for her because she just won't stand up for herself and she certainly would never tell a teacher what's been going on for fear of upsetting the girls who have been bullying her.

I feel very sad when she tells me what they do to her. I just want to wrap her in cotton wool!!!


samantha said...

Hi Tina

Congratulations on your loss, 6.7kg in five weeks is fantastic! Hey maybe we can aim for a reward (a holiday in Thailand!!!!). You're right about that pattern I am exactly the same every four weeks have no loss or very minimal so I've learnt to expect and accept (two words that are now in my vocabulary constantly!) So keep up the good work and stay positive. Enjoy the rest of your chrissy shopping!


jill said...

way to go tina on the weight loss. Poor ashleigh , she sounds a lot like my mikayla is she your first born? Because Kasey my second is the opposite.

Girls can just be so bitchy keep up the good work Jilxx

Jenny said...

Tina, that's still a good loss, a pound in the old measurements. When I first went on WW and it was in lbs, we would be rather excited if it was a pound, I think there's something about whole numbers that we like. Keep up the great work. As to your darling little girl. You may need to start doing a little assertive training stuff with her, just build her up with strategies that she can employ when girls get nasty to her. If her self esteem is high, she will be more able to handle the nastiness. It's a gradual process but certainly doable. They don't usually bully the confident 'out there' kids..... Like you I've nearly finished my shopping too, it's a good feeling. I still need to get a few gifts. I am finding one of my teenage nieces (13) the most difficult. Plus I need to add a little something to my db and sil, and something for my mil. Have a good weekend Tina.

Kathiej said...

Hi Tina
I am sorry Ashleigh has been getting a hard time...sometimes girls can be so nasty.
I wonder if she is still wants a break from dancing maybe Tae-kwondo or similar might give her some extra self confidence knowing she can protect helped my brother, just a thought
On the weight loss I always go in cycles with me

Tania said...

Congrats on the loss Tina - they all add up and in my experience a smaller loss sets a good foundation for a bigger loss the following week :-)

Poor Ashleigh! I've always though she was a little quieter and more reserved than Nikki but I can understand why you would be worried. Bullying is such a nasty thing, I only hope that next year brings about a happier year for her at school, she's such a lovely girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss Tina. 6.7 in five weeks is brilliant!!

Girls can be so bitchy. You must feel so helpless and angry. :( Hugs to poor Ashleigh.


Joanne said...

Well done Tina, still powering on. 600 grams is great! Its exactly where you want to be. Remember to celebrate every 100 grams because they all add up.
Sorry to hear about your girl. Girls are bitchy and cruel and I think they are getting worse. Lets hope the problem is over and done with.

J said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the bullying! Young girls can be so horrible to one another, it's a huge problem for a lady that I work for - her daughter is always on the phone to her at work, in tears over bullying at school. I hope Ashleigh gets through it all stronger than before!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and congratulations on your loss! Good luck on your journey :)

x Jess