Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunny (for now) Saturday

These are the photos that I took of our duck pond visit. The earlier photos are from Ashleigh's camera.

Jarryd in Steve's bike leathers!!

The girls are holding another blogger Tania's baby girl Mikayla.
How old is she now Tania? It goes to quick. And you can fill me in on how old she was in these photos.

Our afternoon in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills. Such a pretty town.
Jarryd and Ashleigh are having afternoon tea at a bakery.

It took me a while to download these photos. We are saving all our photos, so I will post some more archive photos later. It's so much fun to look back on the kid's early years.
I have 2 extra kids here today so I'm about to take them to the beach for a walk. I wonder how many will come home wet again??
Ashleigh played her last cricket game of the year this morning. Can't say I will miss the early mornings.
I had coffee with a blogger I met through the weight watchers boards. Joanne has lost over 30 kgs and is 1/2 way through her journey. I feel like I had a free counselling session because she was so inspirational. Thanks so much Jo, I had a great afternoon. We'll do it again.
We did take a photo but you'll have to visit her blog to see it. I hate it of course but I'll have another one taken next time we are together and see how far I have come.
And if anyone know how to link to another blog (so I could have linked Jo's and Tania's) please let me know.
I am definitely feeling fitter. I have gone from the couch potato stage to the starting to enjoy walking in the sunshine stage. Still slow compared to others but it will build up slowly.
Having said that, I am off for that walk.


Chris H said...

Linking is quite complicated (well to me it is)... but what I do is:
highlight the person's name in your entry...then go to your favourites and find their name.... right click on their name.... choose Properties..... press Ctrl and C... then Ok... go back to your post... click on the little link thingee, it's beside the font colour choice (R).... click on it, then press Ctrl and V after clicking in the box. It should link that name with it's link. Hope that all makes sense! I had to have someone SHOW me on my computer before I got it. Mikayla is so precious! She sure is growing. She would be 10-11 weeks old now?

Tania said...

Oh how cute does Jarryd look in the leathers - think he might have a fair bit of growing to do before he can wear them well ... lol

And what a gorgeous baby ;-) - would you believe she was 12 weeks old yesterday??? Not that i'm counting at all! I'm guessing she was about 5 weeks when we caught up and those photos were taken.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend mate - well done on the Christmas shopping, I picked my laybys up today so am feeling quite organised at the moment.