Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo Post

Yesterday was interesting. Choices of meat at the bbq were sausages, patties and marinated chicken thigh. The salads were all swimming in thick, creamy dressings so I just had a small amount of pasta salad and a piece of chicken and a pattie. When I came home and tracked I was amazed to find the pattie had 10 points for 1 serve. It didn't say what a serve was but they were small patties so I counted 5 points. Needless to say I will not have a pattie again.

I went over my points for the first time today. Not concerned at all. I'm maybe 4 points over and I made that up by walking home from the waterslide which was about 40 minutes walk along the beach. Very nice. No-one wanted to come with me because they were so tired and I really enjoyed being alone. Of course I found a house I would love to buy on the Esplanade. Probably would go for $1.2 million!!!!!

I forgot to take the camera to the waterslide party yesterday. I am hopeless. It was a great day even though it was a cold start. Nikki and Ashleigh went on the waterslide but there were lots of little kids who came down with their dads and definitely didn't want to go back on again.

Father Christmas came and some of the presents were amazing. Jarryd got disc shooters that shoot out foam discs. There are 2 of them and Nikki and Jarryd spent ages when they got home rigging up a battlezone with chairs and blankets. Ashleigh got an electronic diary and Nikki got a lava lamp which she was disappointed with because she got one at the same party 2 years ago - LOL. There was a clown that entertained the kids. I wish my kids were little again. Nikki was so synical about this clown that had all the little kids in fits of laughter. Jarryd sat with the little kids.

This is at the magic cave when we went to see Santa. Sorry about the red eyes but I couldn't find my camera software.

My sister made this pumpkin for Nikki's halloween party she had nearly a month ago now. She had about 12 friends and they spent most of the time in the pool. Absolutely no sense of feeling cold. It was 20 deg. We did have the spa on though to warm up.

This is the most amazing hibiscus plant. When it flowers it has the hugest flowers. So hard to see in a photo but they are massive. Easily bigger than your hand outstretched.

As you can see, some of the girls were still in the pool including my crazy daughter Ashleigh in the middle of the pool.

These photos are all off of Ashleigh's camera. I finally got around to downloading the photos and then my camera went totally flat.

We live 10 minutes away from West Lakes and there is a lovely park and duck pond with walking trails and bridges. I wish I lived closer to walk around there every night. We went to feed the ducks and Ashleigh spotted this cute little baby duck. It was funny watching it dart around trying to get the bread. Entertained the kids for ages.


Kate said...

I love all the photos tina... I remember walking around west lakes too :) Great job walking home on your own, you'll always feel better for it.

I wish we had a pool for pool parties too! Maybe one day.

Take care, Kate xx

Tania said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a house on the Esplanade - i'm not even fussy where, North Haven, Henley Beach, Semaphore, Glenelg - any of them will do me fine ... lol

The kids look like they've been having a lot of fun - tell me how many years did it take you to get them to all smile at once for the camera ... lol ... sometimes I think i'll NEVER achieve that, maybe I should wait until Mikayla's a bit older before complaining too much.

Well done on going for the walk alone, if you're ever wanting a walking buddy let me know - I could use the odd bit of me time for a nice relaxing drive, walk on the beach and a coffee!

samantha said...

Hi Tina

Hope you are having a good week so far, the photo's are great they all look like they are having a ball!! Talk soon


Chris H said...

Whoever did the face painting did an awesome job! And I think the flower is just beautiful... even if it is ORANGE! lol