Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Loving Holidays

I don't want to go back to work on Monday.  Seriously, I am over the 9-5 routine and the dickhead customers I have to deal with on a daily basis.  The time off has definitely agreed with me.  I feel much more relaxed and I know when I go back on Monday it will take all of 5 minutes to feel stressed again. But it pays the bills.  Unless I win lotto, it won't change so I have to try and learn to deal with the stress of work.

Something else that has happened in the last fews days is a beautiful online friend (that I have never met but plan to change that someday) has started up a facebook group about financial difficulties and what we can do to turn things around this year.  It has really got me thinking about a heap of ways to save money so that is going to be my focus this year.  It goes hand in hand with the weight loss really.  

My main problem with money is that I go to the supermarket to get one thing and walk out with $50 worth.  Most of that is not needed.  Crap food for myself and the family.  So what I will do is only go to the supermarket once a week.  The only time I can go again is for fresh food only.  That should help with the impulse of buying crap food that I don't need.

I want to come out of this year with some savings.  Not credit card debt as is always the case.  January is catch up and pay off the credit card every year.  

Caught Nikki out beautifully this morning.  Her phone is being repaired and she has been using my phone for instagram.  She has barred me from her instagram account as she says there are some things that are private.  I understand that.  I know she has secrets.  She is 16!!

Anyway I used my phone this morning and there was a notification from instagram that I don't get.  Well of course I was going to look and I got into her instagram account.  It's only photos for those that don't use instagram.  But there were some photos there from christmas and new years parties that I had let her go to with the trust that she wouldn't drink.  Guess what the photos were of.  Alcohol and her bragging about drinking it!!  


Guess who's got some explaining to do when she gets home today.......

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