Friday, January 11, 2013

Teenagers!! Who'd have them.

I can't put this on my facebook page for obvious reasons.  Nikki doesn't read my blog but maybe one day when she looks back on this blog she will see why I am a concerned mum.  And I fully intend to give the kids access one day but not now.

So if I get hit by a truck, can someone give Steve and the kids this blog to read - LOL!!

Like I said a couple of days ago, I found some photos that indicated Nikki was drinking.  Not all the time, just parties and New Years.  She has discussed drinking with me as we had an incident last year when she had to throw up on the way home when I picked her up so it was pretty obvious she was drinking.  She was punished.  Not for drinking, but for breaking the trust I had in her.

She is 16, not 17 until October and a lot of her friends drink so there is always drinking at parties and get togethers.  Because she works at Boost, a lot of her friends there are older and can legally drink.

So she now asks if she can have a drink or 2 and as far as I know she hasn't abused it.  She hasn't come home rolling drunk or anything like that.

Anyway the photo I found was of bottles of vodka and the caption left me with no mistake that she was having a drinking session New Years Eve.  We had a party at our place and she invited a friend.  She didn't ask me if she could have a drink and I didn't think anything of it.

Well I found her stash in her wardrobe yesterday.  I didn't go looking.  The phone is in her room and her wardrobe was wide open and it was in clear view.

So this is my dilema.  What do I do?  She is 16.  She has secrets from me.  She is going to find a way to do the things I don't want her to do.  I know I did at 16.  I think 16 is too young to be drinking but a lot of her friends are heavy drinkers from the age of 14 so I know I am lucky in that respect.  She is a good kid.  I don't want her to go behind my back so how do I handle this.

Would love some comments from mums who have gone there or friends who remember what it's like to be 16


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McPherson Clan said...

Hmm Its a tough one Tina,Do you think you can sit down with her and basically explain to her what you have said here, that you know she has been drinking but you would really prefer it if she was honest and open about it then trying to hide it. Being 16 she know doubt thinks she is older then what she is, remind her about drinking and driving and also get her side too.