Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

I am happy. Can't you tell - lol.

I lost 1.4 kgs this week. I have been very good and it showed on the scales. I treated myself to a yummy lunch of sushi and cold rolls.

We went to our local Westfield shopping centre for lunch and to update my mobile phone. We were sitting in the food court and I was looking around. There were lots of healthy options which we chose, but do you know where the biggest line was.


I guess this probably comes as no surprise to a lot of you but I was amazed. With all the yummy and healthy food around, it just goes to show you can't make people eat healthy. Granted, people might just come shopping once a week or whatever and only have KFC then and eat healthy the rest of the time. But I know what I would prefer to spend my money on. You could even smell the fatty smell from the oil. Yuk!!!!!!

My phone contract ran out in November and I have been meaning to upgrade my phone since then. I had a 2 year old nokia and it was very basic. My new phone is very cool, even has an mp3 player and it didn't cost me anything. Just had to resign for 2 years on a $19 plan which was even better than the $25 plan we were on previously.

So it's been a good day.

I just heard on the news that there was a huge brawl at the Australia Day celebrations at our local beach last night. Possibly had something to do with the Australian flag. How pathetic are some people. I guess that's what happens when a group of young louts get together with too much alcohol in their systems. We had made plans to go down there for the fireworks display but ended up staying at the party we were at longer than we thought. I am so glad of that. I wouldn't have wanted my kids seeing that behaviour. It's amazing to think that we were down there the night before and it was such a perfect night and then this happened the next night.


Kate said...

YAY! 1.4kg!!! Well done on the super weightloss and well done on the sushi/cold roll lunch selection!! It's good when you know you're making healthy choices for yourself, isn't it?
Kate xx

Pauline said...

Wonderful Tina -- not only on your fantastic loss but for choosing a healthy choice. I just love sushi and cold rolls too. Often have them when getting lunch in the market.
Catch up soon
Pauline xxxxx

Beckie said...

What a GREAT loss!


Ashwee said...

Wow! snaps for Tina!! You go girl!! What a great loss!

Tania said...

Well done Tina, what a great loss! I know exactly what you mean, i've seen the same line ups at KFC at Elizabeth and at Marion! I think it's the smell that lures people sometimes!

I had my cousin's 30th birthday in Seaton on Friday night and we were planning a side trip to Semaphore ourselves to see the fireworks, so glad we didn't end up going.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Leighanne said...

Congratulations on a great loss!!!