Monday, January 01, 2007

Wow it's 2007

It hit me today that it is really another year - 2007. I remember like yesterday thinking wow it's going to be the year 2000. That was 7 years ago!!

We had a family new years eve. The last few years we have spent drinking in the new year either at our house or friend's houses but this year it was just Steve and I and our beautiful children. They were so excited about staying up past midnight and seeing in the new year. We went down to Semaphore to watch the fireworks display. We took some chairs and rugs thinking we might go down and watch it from the beach, but we found a great spot on the lawn by a playground which wasn't too crowded. Most of the crowd was on the other side of Semaphore. Our kids were given glow sticks by santa and made lots of different bangles, necklaces, frisbies and belts. They looked very colourful. In fact most of the kids there had glow sticks so it looked great in the dark.

We had a great spot when the fireworks went off. They were lighting them from the beach about 100 mtrs in front of us. We really enjoyed it. There were some great patterns but guess who forgot to take her camera.

We had a fairly quiet week last week. Quite a few visitors because the weather was hot and the kids had friends over to use the pool. I'm really enjoying doing very little these holidays. I did have a big clean out of Jarryd's clothes to make way for some hand me downs we got from his cousin. I managed to get 4 bags of clothes that Jarryd has outgrown to pass onto my nephew.

I had to laugh at the kids new year resolutions. Nikki has decided not to talk back. Yeh right, that lasted 1 day - lol. Jarryd has promised not to do any pop-offs in the same room as us which he is very good at doing. Ashleigh didn't really have a resolution. As for me ~ well the usual is to lose weight. I need to get back into it as of now. Christmas and New Year are over so I have no more excuses. I have drunk far too much and might I say, I did enjoy having a drink with friends but now I need to get back into the swing of walking every day and eating the right things again. After all it's now only 40 weeks until our holiday.

So I hope everyone has had a great new year's eve and are looking forward to the new year ahead. I hope it is a happy and healthy one.

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Tania said...

Happy New Year to you all! Your NYE sounds great, I can't wait until Lachlan and his brother or sister are older to do those family things. Just think in 10 months time we'll be sitting in Queensland somewhere together beside a pool talking about all those kilos that we've both lost this year :-) I so know what you mean about it being 2000, it seems like only a couple of years ago. Wishing you all the best for 2007!