Thursday, January 11, 2007

Steve's New Toy

Steve picked up his new motorbike on Tuesday night. Now I know nothing about motorbikes but apparently this is exactly what he has been looking for. It's in immaculate condition. I think we were lucky because the seller was looking for a quick sale to pay off his credit card. I don't think he had ridden it very much. So this should keep hubby happy for a few years.

I used the opportunity to ask if I could have a trip to Melbourne in April for my birthday and he agreed. Good timing I reckon - lol.

We've had a few hot days again this week and the kids have been in the pool again. At the moment they are at the pictures seeing 'Happy Feet' with Katherine our next door neighbour. I'm just waiting on a text message to go and pick them up.

I can't believe how quick my holiday is going. I'm back at work on monday. How is that possible?? I'm really not ready to go back to work. We have no routine here at the moment. Kids have been going to bed around 11pm and not waking up until 10am. I love the holidays!!! Big shock next week though as I have to take the kids to mums before I start work which will mean us getting up at 7.30am.

I have been very good this week with my food and exercise. I have walked every night which I am really enjoying. I take one of the kids each night around 7.30pm. It's such a good time because it's cooler. I love checking out everyone's gardens and getting some ideas.

I'm looking forward to weighing in on Saturday. I'll be back with a result.


Yummy Mummy said...

Hi there Tina
Thanks for popping by my blog.. love seeing new 'faces' there!!
Best of luck with your weight loss journey... lots of laps of the pool I am sure would help!
Hopefully you aren't getting smoked out with the fires...
Kirsty x

Leighanne said...

Hey Tina!!
At the moment my kids are going to bed late and getting up late - it is going to be hard when school
Hope the fires are not too close:)

Mistie said...

You go Tina, well done with the walking.

Beckie said...

Man, I hope the fires get contained quickly.

YAY re: trip to Melbourne!

The hot days for us are spent under the air con playing with toys. But I really must take Bradman to the pool.

Holidays scoot so quickly when you're having fun.

How did weigh-in go?